‘The Batman’: Kevin Smith Explains Why He Will Not Direct

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While rumors of Ben Affleck’s departure as the director of The Batman were rampant over the last few weeks, yesterday’s news that Affleck had officially relinquished directorial duties on the project was still disappointing to a number of fans. While Warner Bros. will likely be taking their time finding Affleck’s replacement, fans immediately began throwing out suggestions for who could helm the Caped Crusader’s next film. One of those names is fan favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith, a professed fan of the character who even named his comic book focused podcast Fat Man On Batman. Unfortunately, Kevin Smith himself views the idea of jumping into the director’s chair of The Batman as an unlikely prospect despite his extensive knowledge on the character.

Smith took to social media to explain why it is unlikely that he will be tapped to helm The Batman.

The famously self-aware and self-deprecating director has openly admitted the limitations of his filmmaking abilities on several occasions, but Smith has usually expressed a willingness to direct projects if asked. However, now it appears that he is acknowledging that it is unlikely that he will be receiving a call from Warner Bros. for this particular film.

What do you think of Kevin Smith directing The Batman? Would his extensive comic book knowledge and enthusiasm for the character serve him well or is it “common sense” to find some else? Share your thoughts below!

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