Khary Payton On King Ezekiel’s Whereabouts On ‘The Walking Dead’

Where has King Ezekiel been all this time on 'The Walking Dead'? Actor Khary Payton discusses what his character has been up to.

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Where has King Ezekiel been all this time on The Walking Dead? He hasn’t made an appearance for quite some time.

Actor Khary Payton, who plays Ezekiel brings fans up to speed on what his character has been doing all this time. The actor joked that he’s been “curled up with his tiger.”

“He’s been sleeping in bed, curled up with his tiger. He’s been governing as best he can, and trying to win Carol’s trust, I guess, is one thing that he’s been trying to do, and keep this tepid alliance going with the Saviors.”

Ezekiel will be working with Rick Grimes when the show comes back tonight for its midseason premiere. Well, he won’t be working with Rick so much as Rick will be trying to work with him. Rick definitely wants Ezekiel and the Kingdom to work with everyone else against Negan.

“I think at this point he feels relatively good about his stance. He knows that he’s got trouble on the border, but it’s not boiled over into anything yet. He’s doing a good job of keeping his people out of harm’s way, I guess.”

Yeah, it’s safe to say that the Kingdom is much better off than Alexandria in that it’s safer there.

The Walking Dead returns with its midseason premiere tonight at 9/8c on AMC.

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