‘Kingsman’ Director Teases “Bolder, Funnier, Crazier” Sequel

Matthew Vaughn discusses 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle,' assuring fans the sequel will be bigger, bolder, funnier and crazier.

Kingsman The Secret Service Taron Egerton

According to Matthew Vaughn, acclaimed director of Kingsman: The Secret Service, its sequel, The Golden Circle, is going to top the film in a lot of ways. Four very specific ways, in fact. Vaughn lays it out in an interview with Empire Magazine.

“There’s an opportunity with Kingsman 2 to make it bigger and bolder and funnier and crazier. The church sequence, everyone wants something like that. But we’ve got action sequences which are just as original but different.”

Vaughn is of course referring to the first film’s infamous church sequence, in which Colin Firth’s Harry Hart is forced to massacre an army of church attendees who’ve been mind-zapped into trying to kill him. It’s a totally bonkers scene, and sets a certain level of expectation for similar sequences in the sequel.

Beyond the action, the cast of Kingsman is getting bigger too. Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal and Halle Berry are all set to play major roles within the film’s new American spy agency, Statesman. Moore’s character sounds the most typically Kingsman, with Vaughn describing her megalomaniacal character, Poppy, as “America’s Sweetheart gone wrong.” Vaughn offers this amusing comment on the film’s new Statesman agency characters, and their natural differences from the Kingsman spies.

“They’re great characters. They’re multi-billionaires with huge jets, and their base is a giant distillery in Kentucky. We’ve got all this fun Americana and we’re combining it with the Englishness.”

As for our main character, Taron Egerton’s Eggsy, Vaughn promises an arc that will further and deepen the journey of Kingsman’s newest agent.

“We’ve got a huge arc for Eggsy. Where does he go? What does he have to learn? And now he’s got a huge moral dilemma the audience will totally relate to.”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens September 29th

Source: Empire Online