‘Kingsman 3’ Locks Fall 2019 Release Date


A third Kingsman movie has just been confirmed for a November 2019 release by famed box office analyst, Jeff Bock.

The Kingsman made their cinematic debut back in 2015 with the devilishly manic and unforgettable Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie, being the brainchild of a one Mark Millar of Wanted and Kick-Ass fame, all at once reinvigorated the action and spy genres, took superhero movies and their embedded tropes to task, and dropped low-key comments on social philanthropy and English culture. It was an unexpected revelation. The franchise came roaring back into theaters in 2017 with Kingsman: The Golden Circle and continued their momentum by giving us a delightfully devious Julianne Moore and some not so subtle commentary on drug enforcement laws. And now, according to Jeff Bock and Exhibitor Relations – The Kingsman will return for a third movie!

As per the Exhibitor Relations Twitter account, a third, currently untitled Kingsman movie has been confirmed – with writer/director, Matthew Vaughn, in tow! The Tweet is embedded below.

Manners maketh man, but Vaughn maketh the movie! While the movie has yet to receive a title and it is far too early for any sort of plot details to emerge, fans can rest easy knowing that the same director who has helmed the first two movies will be returning to the franchise.

Of course, a third movie was teased during the final act of the last one – but it will be interesting to see where they go from here. Will Channing Tatum’s, Agent Tequila, return and have a more prominent role? How will Halle Berry’s, Ginger, adjust to life as a newly minted agent? And of course, how will Eggsy deal with now, technically, being a prince? With so many plot points to go through, Matthew Vaughn has many exciting directions in which to take the franchise!

Where do you want the story to go? What social issue will the Kingsman tackle next? Sound off in the comments below!

Kingsman 3 is still untitled and will be released on November 8th, 2019

Jay Barrett

Jay Barrett

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