‘Kraven The Hunter’ Writer Reveals Film’s Inspiration; Plans To Feature Spider-Man

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Richard Wenk, who was tapped over the summer to write the script for Sony’s standalone movie centered on Kraven the Hunter has revealed his inspiration for the script, as well as his plans to feature an appearance by Spider-Man himself.

Sony’s Kraven film, which will continue to expand on the studio’s cinematic universe of Marvel characters after Venom, and presumably Morbius, is being written by Wenk, whose previous credits include The Equalizer and The Expendables 2. Speaking with Discussing Film and Hybrid Network, Wenk opened up, revealing that his script is set to be an origin story for the villainous Sergei Kravinoff aka Kraven the Hunter, a big game hunter who sees Spider-Man as the biggest catch of his life.

Wenk confirmed that not only will the film serve as an origin story for Kraven, but that it will take influence from Kraven’s Last Hunt, a storyline which features Kraven donning a Spider-Man costume in an effort to be a better hero than the wall-crawler after he’s already buried him alive.

While hopes to see Spider-Man on the silver screen in Sony’s Venom film has been left for the sequel, Wenk revealed that his plans include Kraven coming “face to face with Spider-Man.” The writer is early in development on the project, stressing that nobody is rushing to deliver a film that won’t be satisfying as it will be the first time fans get to see Kraven on the big screen.

Next up for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters is Morbius starring Jared Leto. The film is expected to begin production this February. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the future of Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters as we learn it.

Source: Discussing Film, Hybrid Network

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

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