Krysten Ritter On Possibly Joining The Cinematic MCU For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR


Over this past weekend, Wizard World hosted its annual comic convention at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. At the convention, was able to catch up with actress Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones on the smash hit Netflix show.  After Ritter’s Saturday panel, they were able to get her talking about the possibility of one day joining up with the Avengers on film.

“It’s so rad! I’m so fortunate to get to play this amazing character and have this giant built-in fanbase that comes with Marvel, I’ve never done anything in this genre before so it’s been completely life changing. I’ve never been to comic con before! This is a whole new ball game for me.”

“It would be really awesome to team up with Iron Man.”

While she doesn’t give away too much, she does express her gratitude and excitement for the role along with some brief comments on her new-found love for Portland.

You can watch the full interview below:


Previously it was rumored that Marvel sincerely wanted to involve the Netflix MCU with the Cinematic MCU. Some rumors indicated that the plans seemed to be disregarded, but other rumors seemed to indicate that The Avengers: Infinity War would actually have these characters appear. Because of the true lack of information on the matter, fans have been left to speculate. While nothing concrete has been established, fans should expect an official confirmation soon enough.

Jessica Jones will is confirmed to currently get a second season and will be appearing in Netflix’s The Defenders.


Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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