Larry the Cable Guy Talks About The Joys Of Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’

Heroic Hollywood sat down for a lengthy conversation with Larry the Cable Guy to talk Cars 3, the power of kids movies and bad chairs.

Cars 3 Pixar

I sat down for a lengthy conversation with Larry the Cable Guy to talk Cars 3, the power of kids movies and bad chairs.

“Let me just say this, these are the most uncomfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in in my entire life. I’m not kidding, man, these suck. I would like you to mention that in your review.”

Larry had nothing, but praise for first-time director Brian Fee who got his start with Pixar story boarding the first Cars.

“He’s a super nice guy. I like his work a lot and I think he did a great job on this and the storyline is good. When you have a franchise movie, it’s hard to come up with new storylines that are going to have heart and the same appeal. My favorite one was the first one because it brought back old memories of my small town where I grew up. So it’s hard to keep this storyline going and he did a great job. This is a great story and I’m happy for him.”

While Mater wasn’t as big a part of Cars 3 as previous installments in the franchise, Larry insists he is still a big part of the movie’s heart. No, he’s not upset that he was featured less in Cars 3, he’s just still excited to be working with Pixar and the rest of the crew.

“When you think of the Cars franchise, obviously McQueen and Mater go together, but I think it’s cool they’ve introduced some new characters and brought a new story line into it. In the movies, Mater is a super sweet, helpful person and I think the world needs more super sweet, helpful people who are unselfish that live for serving others. That’s what Mater has always been about. He’s there to lend a hand and if you need something he’s the guy to do it. I think Mater mentors people every day.”

Cars came out in 2006, the same year that Larry and his wife had their first child. Before that, the newly-christened family-friendly comedian said he avoided cartoons.

“I was single and I didn’t care about kids. I never went to one cartoon movie, but then I had kids and now I get it. I get what they’re all about. I wanted to do kids movies, I told them I wanted to more kids stuff because I have kids now.”

For Larry, the most rewarding aspect of being part of the Cars franchise is the opportunity it provides him to give back. Through his work at the Git-R-Done foundation as well as other charities he donates a good bit of time to interacting with kids as Mater.

“Every month I probably do 20 to 25 calls as Mater to little kids who are in the hospital or dying and it’s really a cool thing. So it’s cool that I have a movie and a character that I can use in a positive way for things like that. So not only is it a fun thing to do, and it’s a big movie, but it also has a lot of life-changing aspects I can use to help others.”

If Cars 3 isn’t enough for you and you need more Larry in your life, you can find him on Sirius radio with Jeff Foxworthy and on their upcoming Backyard BBQ tour with various classic rock acts. As for the possibility of Foxworthy ever cameoing in a future Cars movie, Larry says he would love it.

“It would be awesome. If I had pull over who got in the movies, that would be the first thing I would do. But for now, no.”

Pixar’s Cars 3 opens in theaters on Friday, June 16. Stay tuned at Heroic Hollywood for more Cars 3 coverage coming soon.