Laurel Coming Back From The Dead? “Simply No”

For those of you hoping that we might actually see the return of the Black Canary at some point this season or next, Stephen Amell may have just put a little dent in those hopes. In an interview with Larry King on, Stephen is asked point blank if Laurel is coming back from the dead and he says “no”. Larry being the masterful interviewer he is, asks one more time for anyone that didn’t hear.

Larry King: “Simply no?”

Stephen Amell: “Simply no”.

Now if you’re hopeful like me that she could be making a comeback at some point, take a look at Stephen’s face when he says “simply no”. That face looks a little suspect to me. He’s also asked if he knows the words that Laurel says to him before her death and here’s what he had to say:

I do know what they were, but it’s going to remain a secret because much like Greg [Berlanti] says, “We like to surprise the viewers.”

Click on that link above to see the whole interview with Stephen Amell and Greg Berlanti. What do you guys think? Thinks the Green Arrow is shooting straight with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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