Lauren Cohan Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Talks Negan’s Most Lethal Weapon

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Season 7 of The Walking Dead is approaching pretty quickly and the villainous Negan is who everyone is wondering about.  We only got a glimpse of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of the character at the tail-end of last season, but it was enough to solidify him as a force of terror to be reckoned with. Armed to the teeth with everything you can think of, including Lucille (the famed barbed-wire-laced baseball bat) you’d be hard pressed to decide just which one of them is his most dangerous.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the show, has her thoughts on it the subject, and her words might surprise you. When asked how Negan was most dangerous, she replied:

“He can read people very quickly. He is a very good judge of character despite being a despicable character.”

Though not a tangible weapon, she isn’t wrong in pointing out the severity of such a tool. She continued with:

“Little did we know Negan is this complete sadist that takes so much pleasure out of inflicting such great pain on people. To me, Negan feels like this horrible undercurrent that’s been there the whole time that we haven’t realized, and now it’s rearing its head from every doorway you can imagine. It’s like how bulls have little flocks of birds that live on their backs. We’ve been there not knowing we were all sleeping on this giant scary bull. We are upended.”

When discussing Negan’s influence over the world of The Walking Dead, she mentioned,

 “It’s not an impact, it’s a completely unrecognizable remnant once he comes onto the scene.”

These are eerie words, fitting for a menacing character with ruthlessness unlike anything the show has seen up to this point.

The Walking Dead is back for its 7th season on AMC Sunday, October 9th at 9/8c.

Source: ComicBook

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