‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Dominic Purcell On Heat Weave/Vixen Romance

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After former Justice Society of America member Vixen joined the Legends of Tomorrow to hunt down the time traveler who killed her former leader, an unexpected connection between Vixen and the temperamental Heat Wave developed. Their unlikely chemistry prompted fans to speculate that a romance between the pair was brewing. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, star Dominic Purcell was quick to shoot down those rumors and offered his discouraging take on what Captain Cold’s return could mean for Heat Wave.

Legends of Tomorrow star Dominic Purcell denied any romance between Heat Wave and Vixen, offering his take on their relationship.

“No, there’s no relationship going on between Amaya and Heat Wave. It’s more of an emotional connection.”

Purcell also explained that he believes Captain Cold’s return could turn Heat Wave back to a life of villainy.

“I don’t think Mick is a good guy and there’s a lot of history there. Mick loves Cold.”

Are you disappointed to hear a Heat Wave and Vixen relationship is not in the works on Legends of Tomorrow? Do you agree with Purcell’s theory that Captain Cold will turn Heat Wave back to a life of crime? Share your thoughts below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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