‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Atom & Steel Sport Medieval Armor In New ‘Camelot/3000’ Photo

'Legends of Tomorrow's Nick Zano has shared a new image of his character, Steel, along with the Atom, in medieval armor from the "Camelot/3000" episode.

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It has already been revealed that an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow would take place in a setting inspired by the Camelot 3000 comic series. The series was set in medieval times and is a perfect way to continue Legends‘ trend of blending time travel with DC lore.

Nick Zano, the actor who plays Steel shared a new image from the “Camelot/3000” episode that features Brandon Routh’s character Ray Palmer aka the Atom, and Steel, wielding swords and sporting additional armor – like either character needed it. Check out the image below:


The episode title has a noteworthy slash between Camelot and 3000, which could signify its difference with the original story the title is based on. In the comic mini-series that came out from 1982-1985, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table traveled to the year 3000. The story gives flashes from the original Dark Ages, but primarily takes place in the future.

The episode itself, having the slash through the title (“Camelot/3000”) could possibly mean that the characters from the Dark Ages won’t be traveling to the future, but the episode could show two simultaneous storylines, one in the Dark Ages, one in the year 3000. The scenes could easily go back and forth between the two time periods and it would make for an interesting dynamic.

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Legends of Tomorrow airs every Thursday at 8 pm on The CW.

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