‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ EP: It Would “Be A Crime” To Not Use John Constantine

It’s no secret that the NBC show based on the DC character John Constantine developed a cult following who were left devastated after the show was cancelled before the first season could fully air. Constantine was a dark, supernatural thriller that delved into magic and the paranormal, but it sadly suffered from a terrible time-slot at 10 pm on Fridays. The hardest part about the show’s cancellation was that it was set up to fail. The show had a rocky first couple of episodes, but after the first few it eventually found it’s groove, led by a superior performance from Matt Ryan.

Matt Ryan is John Constantine.

When the show was cancelled, it was shopped around to other networks, but was ultimately never picked up. The character was given another shot to show his stuff, this time with an episode-long cameo on Arrow. His episode was very well received by fans, so much so that many assumed he would be making a return to the CW because of it.

After rumors that his cameo was to develop into a recurring role were shot down, the CW Seed began playing Constantine online. This gave fans renewed hope that the show may finally find a new home on the CW. Once again, however, fans were given bad news that that was never the case.

It appears that fans aren’t the only ones who want to see Constantine make a return, as Legends of Tomorrow EP Phil Klemmer told the website Zap2It that he’s hoping for a lot of seasons, and he thinks Constantine would work well during one of them.

“If this show goes as many seasons as I hope it does, it would be a crime for him not to appear in our universe.”

Klemmer summed it up nicely. Matt Ryan nailed the role, and the use of magic in Arrow‘s fourth season and introduction of Vixen to Legends are perfect lead ins to a series regular, or at the least recurring, role for the character.

Are you hopeful that we may someday see John Constantine in the CW’s DC television universe once again? Make sure to show your support down in the comments!

Source: Zap2It



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