‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: What We Hope To See From The Future & Old Man Ollie

Legends of Tomorrow

Two types of comic book stories almost always excite me: time travel and multi-verse. Both often introduce characters who, while familiar, are different from those we usually see. They also throw our usual cast members into wild situations they normally wouldn’t encounter. This year we have gotten a fair amount of multi-verse action on The Flash and still have more to look forward to. Thanks to Legends of Tomorrow, we are getting tons of time travel, as well. In episode 6 of Legends, we will visit Star City in the year 2046 and meet an older version of Oliver Queen with Stephen Amell appearing as “Old Man Ollie.” This premise excites me for several reasons. First, I love crossovers. If I am told two characters are crossing over, I’m automatically more interested. Plus, this episode will have time travel and an alternate take on Green Arrow.

I’m hooked already.

It looks like we will actually meet two versions of Green Arrow. I mentioned Old Man Ollie, but at the end of Legends episode 5 we also saw Conner Hawke. In the comics, before the New 52 reboot, Conner served as Green Arrow, while Oliver was…temporarily dead (but in comics death is never permanent). Conner was an illegitimate son of Oliver’s, and the two didn’t formally meet until shortly before Oliver’s death. An amazing martial artist, Conner also inherited his father’s archery skills. I was never a huge fan of Oliver in the comics, but I loved Conner. What isn’t clear is whether this version of Conner will be Oliver’s son. Recently we have been introduced to Oliver’s son, William, but there has been no mention of Conner. I have even seen references that say this version of Conner will not be Oliver’s son, though it’s possible they meant “present-day Oliver.” Regardless, I never thought I would see this character in any form in live action, especially after the New 52 reboot. I’m definitely excited.

I’m also hoping to see if Future Oliver remembers Sara and Ray, but he actually hasn’t seen them in the last 30 years (his time). I’m hoping that as far as he is concerned, they just never came back after agreeing to go with Rip Hunter on his quest to defeat Vandal Savage . This would imply that as things stand, Rip’s team doesn’t go back to its natural time and fail in its mission. Of course, that’s something the team could change should it defeat Savage in the future (relative to their personal timelines). I’d like to see Oliver at least hint at the fates and whereabouts of the rest of Team Arrow. I’m especially interested in Sara’s reaction regarding Quentin and Laurel (her father and sister respectively). As far as I know, Stephen Amell (Oliver) is the only actor from Arrow who has been announced as appearing in this episode, so I don’t expect we will see the rest of Team Arrow. But this wouldn’t be the first time a cameo was done without it being publicized, and I would be thrilled to be proven wrong.

As for Ray, at the end of the latest Legends episode, he quickly noticed that the Palmer Tech building now has a giant sign that reads, “SMOAK,” implying Felicity is still in charge. While it isn’t definitive proof, I feel it might indicate the team doesn’t make it home. I had assumed the company would turn back into Queen Industries at some point, clearly that’s not the case. Learning that it’s no longer Palmer Tech might be a blow to Ray’s seemingly fragile ego because his primary motivation seems to be about his legacy. That emotion would be heightened if he learns the team never made it home. Hopefully this wouldn’t lead to yet another discussion about whether the members should continue the mission (something we have already seen too many times).

I actually hope we don’t see Vandal Savage. While I enjoy him as a villain, I don’t think every episode should be about the team traveling to a new time, only to fail to stop him again. This episode is the result of a crash landing, and though it might not advance the season’s overall plot, it has the potential to be an excellent side story while providing opportunities for character development.

However, a villain I am looking forward to is Deathstroke. I really enjoyed the character in the first couple of seasons of Arrow, though I admit to some disappointment that Manu Bennet isn’t reprising the role. It’s possible it’s not even Slade Wilson under Deathstroke’s mask, but, but one of his children. Perhaps we will see Green Arrow vs Deathstroke…the next generation. Regardless of who is under the mask, I’m curious what the show will do with him.

As for the rest of the team, being in another time is pretty much what they are used to by now. And though they may have a personal relationship with, or at least know of, Green Arrow, none has the connection with him of Sara and Ray, so I don’t expect too much shock on that front. I would be curious to know if Mick and Leonard, assuming they’re alive in 2046, have gone down a more heroic path or continued their lives of crime. If it comes out that this future is a result of their failure in stopping Vandal Savage, perhaps it will provide some additional motivation, regardless of how well they know Oliver Queen.

What are you looking forward to or hoping will happen on tonight’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’? Are you excited for the future Oliver Queen? What are your thoughts about Deathstroke; is this Slade or, perhaps more likely, one of his children?

Brent Clark

Brent Clark

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