‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Goes Back To The 1940s For The Justice Society Of America

Since the surprise introduction of the Justice Society of America in the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, fans have wondered what shape the first superhero team ever in comics would take in the live-action. And apropos of their real life origins, Legends of Tomorrow season 2 will see them in the 1940s, echoing the Earth-2 of DC comics continuity.

Rex Tyler aka Hourman (Patrick J. Adams) made a cameo in the finale to introduce the Justice Society of America , who hail from 1940s America, coinciding with their formation in All-Star Comics #3 which debuted in 1940. The known JSA roster for the show includes Hourman, Citizen Steel, Star-Girl, Obsidian, and Dr. Mid-Nite.

Speaking with ScreenRant, Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer aka The Atom) elaborated on the JSA, how his character reacts to them and on their role in the upcoming season.

“[This] season Ray is pretty gung-ho about meeting the Justice Society of America and thinks they’re pretty cool, and they’ve got a well-oiled machine. And maybe the Legends can emulate certain aspects of that… This season opens up an opportunity to have a whole bunch of people back from the last season and from the other shows, as well. Because this season we’re not chasing Vandal Savage so we’re able to kind of do more of whatever we want. The whole world is open.

“Well we’re going back to the ’40s, for the JSA. That’s where we meet the JSA. And I think we’ll spend a fair bit of time there, in different countries within the 1940s. It’s the focus of the first couple episodes. And there’s a couple times we go way back. I actually don’t know how much I can say about where we go, I’ll have to ask Marc [Guggenheim[ that question. I mean, further back than we’ve gone… well… to one extent we go wayyyyy back, but for a portion of it we go… pretty far back.”

The DC TV universe is alive and well on the CW, with The Flash season 3 premiering Tuesday, October 4th,  Arrow season 5 premiering on Wednesday, October 5th, Supergirl season 2 on Monday October 10th and Legends of Tomorrow season 2 on Thursday October 13th.

SOURCE: ScreenRant (via ComicBookMovie)

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