‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: Episode 104 ‘White Knights’

Tracking Vandal Savage to 1986, the Legends of Tomorrow had to infiltrate the Pentagon in hopes of obtaining more specific information on his whereabouts.

Legends of Tomorrow

Tracking Vandal Savage to 1986, the Legends of Tomorrow had to infiltrate the Pentagon in hopes of obtaining more specific information on his whereabouts. The mission started off well but things turned bad when Kendra lost control and went into a feral rage (similar to how Sara was first acting after her resurrection). It did feel like the team had a bit to easy of a time getting what they wanted from the Pentagon. I would have thought that both the planning and execution would have taken more time. While they did obtain Savage’s location (Soviet Union), they were attacked by Chronos and the Waverider was ultimately forced to crash land when it had to avoid both Chronos and some Soviet fighter jets.

While Ray and Leonard worked to get more information from one of Savage’s scientist, Valentina, Sara was tasked with training Kendra. Rip was worried that she needs to learn to control her warrior side, which normaly I would think makes sense. However, this ultimately took Sara and Kendra off the board for the bulk of the episode, which did feel a little contrived. It seemed odd to me that Rip would have them practicing when at the same time other members of the team were in the field without backup. Of course, Sara training Kendra was little more than belittling her and attacking her, so its debatable how effective it was anyway. Ultimately, both of them lost control during their sessions and wind up nearly killing each other.

Rip and Heatwave went to confront Chronos and discovered that Rip’s former teacher, Time Master Druce, was there with an offer to restore any damage to the timeline that the team had caused. To add icing on the cake he would send the team back to their proper time so it would be like they had never left. Heatwave sees right through it but Rip believes Druce. I appreciated seeing that Heatwave is developing his character a bit. In most of his appearances, here and on The Flash, he is shown as little more than a brute. I enjoyed that he picked up on the situation faster than Rip did, and hope to see more of that from him. What I did not enjoy, was yet another scene with the team deciding whether or not to continue the mission. That’s four times in four episodes (not that I’m counting.)

Stein pieced together that Valentina was trying to create another Firestorm. Clearly this was in reaction to what Savage saw of Firestorm in 1975. It’s great to see that the actions of Legends of Tomorrow are already effecting the timeline and changing Savage’s strategy. It would be interesting to find out what Savage was originally doing in 1986, but I have to assume we will never see that.

By the end, about half of the team is captured and thrown in a gulag. Sara thankfully picked up on the absurdity of her training Kendra when the others needed backup.

I have to say this Legends of Tomorrow episode didn’t impress me as much as last week’s, but it was not without its high points.

Random Musings

* Once more I really enjoyed were the exchanges between Ray and Leonard. Their pairing is quickly becoming my favorite relationship on Legends of Tomorrow.
* Perhaps it’s not fair to either CW show, but having Sara on Legends and Thea on Arrow both dealing with their bloodlust at the same time does feel like a bit much. Of course that isn’t an issue for those who only watch one show or the other.
* Jax and Stein had another argument revolving around the fact that Stein drugged him in the first episode. I still feel like that’s a dark mark on his character, and doesn’t fit with his prior characterizations. It’s not something I want to see mentioned every episode, but it definitely should not just be forgotten either.
* I can’t help but appreciate that actors Wentworth Miller (Captian Cold) and Dominic Purcell (Heatwave) are most likely going to be involved in a “Prison Break”.

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