Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: S1E12 ‘Last Refuge’


Firestorm in 'Last Refuge'

Spoilers for ‘Last Refuge’

Beginning at the Vanishing Point, a time pirate is sentenced to death via Omega Protocol (the same protocol issued for the Legends last episode). The Pilgrim travels back in time, to the pirates earlier days, and kills his past self, erasing him from the present (or as “present” as it gets at the Vanishing Point). When he vanished it was very reminiscent of the way Eobard Thawne vanished when his time line was altered on The Flash last year.

Going back to where last episode left off, the team is looking for a young Mick Rory in 1990 just after he set his childhood home on fire, accidentally killing his family. Atom was able to save young Mick just before the Pilgrim shot him. They take Young Mick onto the Waverider to hide him until the Pilgrim has been dealt with. At this point Rip explains that she will only be able to have one attempt at killing their past selves without causing problems with the time stream.

Next they go to Starling City in 2007, to a teenage Sara at the police station with her father, Quentin. I loved seeing his appearance on this show, brief it may have been. This time when the Pilgrim attacks White Canary steps in, confusing Young Sara when she sees who her savior is. Young Sara is put with Young Mick on the Waverider.

While Rip is trying to track Pilgrim’s next target, Ray was about to propose to Kendra. Twice now he has tried to propose and been interrupted at the last second. Makes you think that the Old West version of Kendra we met last week is right, and any attempt at love Kendra has with someone other than Carter is doomed to failure. This time Ray was interrupted when he collapse and doubles over in pain. Gideon informs them that Ray is being attacked in 2014 at Palmer Tech, and his present self is experiencing those injuries. The team goes to save him, and for the first time we see The Pilgrim has the ability to control small pockets of time. Firestorm attempted to blast her, but she not only stopped that blast, but reversed it back to Firestorm himself before she runs away. While recovering, Ray finally goes through with asking Kendra to marry him (sort of, it was a little vague from her perspective).

They were able to save Ray, but can’t seem to find where The Pilgrim went. Rip decides the best course of action at this point is to take the past selves of the yet-to-be attacked team members, shortly after their birth. Sara and Kendra took Baby Leonard, Rip and Mick took Baby Martin, and Ray and Martin go after Baby Jax. When Martin realizes that Jax’s father is there he puts a hold on the mission and goes to get Jax. Earlier Jax had told Martin that his father died a couple weeks after he was born, and that he never got to meet him.

Once all the younger versions are accounted for, Rip takes them to The Refuge, an orphanage operated by the Time Masters. Rip believes it’s the perfect place to hide, as the Pilgrim wouldn’t think to look for them there. Not to mention it’s the home in which he grew up. Here we find out his real name is Michael, which is a reference to his comic-book father, Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold.

In retaliation the Pilgrim decides to take the loved ones of the team, including Jax’s father. In exchange for their safety, and the safety of the team, Rip decides to turn over his younger self (who also is at The Refuge). At the exchange, the Atom gets close to The Pilgrim by hitching a ride on Young Rip, getting the drop on Pilgrim. She once again used her ability to control time to stop his blast, and then continued to do so to the rest of the team. I have to say, this was really a very brief fight, but I loved the look of it as she was slowing time down for everybody, before Young Rip stabbed her. Once distracted, the team was able to overwhelm her, leaving a pile of ashes.

Though she had wrestled with whether or not she should be engaged to Ray, Kendra ultimately decides that she doesn’t want to deny herself happiness because of what one of her past life’s told her. We also got a couple of well done scenes with the present day Sara and Jax and their respective fathers (who have been told the full story). Conveniently, it’s mentioned that Rip had some amnesia pills (where have those been all season)?

Rip tells the team they are now on a deadline, since the timeline is shifting due to all the messing around the team has done. Removing the past selves was the final straw, and if they don’t return home soon they won’t be able to. So they decide to go to 2166, when Vandal Savage is at his full power, to take him on.

Random Thoughts

  • It really felt like things with Ray and Kendra were moving at lightning speed. I had to remind myself they had 2 years together that the rest of the team (aside from Sara) didn’t experience.
  • Mick is back to using his heat gun. I had wondered if he would take that back up, or continue using weapons he had as Chronos. I enjoyed seeing him work with Leonard again.
  • Multiple times we Saw Martin and Jax create Firestorm. Earlier in the season I think they would have been separated, so it’s nice to see them using some more common sense in these situations.
Brent Clark

Brent Clark

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  • Peter James

    The episode had the usual helping of Logical plot and pot-holes and just badly thought out temporal and time-travel logic and physics.

    On the one hand they claimed that any changes to the past would take some time (no pun intended) to propagate and manifest in the present, and Ray even jokes at one point that he (or his younger self)could be dead already but he just doesn’t know it yet.

    and yet in almost the very next couple of scenes we see him immediately manifesting wounds and injuries from a beating his younger self is receiving from the Pilgrim,….almost in real time.
    But then by the end of the episode, they’re right back to the “delayed-response” Logic of cause and consequence, by talking about how they still have a little window before the changes they just made (taking their younger selves out of the timeline) begin to show up, forcing them to have to take on Savage immediately in the only time period they know they can find him (conveniently enough) before it happens.

    Bad writing all around.

    But not too unexpected from (A) a TV show,,,and (B) given the heady subject matter of time travel that never gets to be seriously thought through by the writers.

    Continuum had a fairly good grasp of their time-travel and cause-and-consequences rules in their show (with a few blips).
    But it’s much easier to do when your time-travel physics in under-pinned by the “Many-Worlds’/’Many-TImelines’ interpretation of Time Travel in Quantum mechanics like they had in their show (even though that theory completely undercuts the whole point of the show to begin with,….which they nonetheless still cleverly addressed at the show’s final episode)

    • SAMURAI36

      The episode had the usual helping of Logical plot and pot-holes and just badly thought out temporal and time-travel logic and physics.

      How long have you been a temporal physicist?

    • Berylwreyes1

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