‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ EP Marc Guggenheim Debunks Alan Scott Appearance Rumor


Back in March, Actor Patrick J. Adams was revealed to be appearing on DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow,’ and since its reveal fans have been speculating who he would be playing. Around roughly April 1st, a rumor started circulating that the actor would be actually playing Alan Scott, the JSA’s very own Green Lantern.

Aside from the initial rumor, the site Hidden Remote even compiled a list of evidence that that might be actually true, but it seems that ahead of the finale tonight ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that its not the case at all.

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, he revealed:

I’ll tell you right now, because I never want anyone to be disappointed, he’s not Alan Scott. I love Alan Scott. I’ve written Alan Scott in the comics. Alan Scott is also attached to the Green Lantern franchise, which DC obviously has feature plans for. In the poll of “who it’s going to be,” you can cross off Alan Scott.

While he does get straight to the point, the interview does seem to add a bit more mystery behind Adams’ character:

I can’t say much in advance of the season finale. First of all, Patrick is a wonderful guy and a joy to work with. I can also say, while the finale gives you a very clear ending of Season 1, it plants some very deep flags in terms of what Season 2 is going to be. Patrick’s involvement is critical to that.

With the mystery still at hand, fans are left with still having no idea who Patrick Adams is playing, luckily for fans the finale is due to premier tonight, so they wont have to wait much longer.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’s’ season one finale episode airs tonight on the CW at 8 PM ET.

Source: Comic Book Resources

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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  • Paulinho Rampim

    Allan scot just has the same name as green lantern, but his powers are not cosmic, they could introduce that version, because that finale really really gives us some hopes. JSA is nothing without allan and it would be poorly represente if he got left out because of a movie that is going to be launched almost five years from now.

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