‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Executive Producer Talks Season Two

While this week has been bringing about a ton of news regarding the future of The CW network, fans shouldn’t forget that many of these popular comic book shows will be having season finales next week.

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow is preparing for its season one finale and how the story of Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) will be wrapped up.

Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of Legends, explained that this storyline is critical to the finale and that this will set up season two “in two very clear ways.”

“As we promised, the season finale gives you a very clear definitive end to the story of Vandal Savage. At the same time, the epilogue makes two pretty big moves. One is a statement and the other is a move that tells you where we’ll be heading in season two.”

Legends featured a large cast of some of our favorite DC heroes and with the conclusion of season one, many are wondering who will return and where all of these characters will end up for season two.

“We’ve always said that the show has an anthology element to it. By that, we mean that the cast will have a certain amount of rotation to it. It’s designed to not be a complete reset of the entire cast every year. But at the same time, there will be a little bit of change so that things always feel fresh. At the same time, it will always have a different mission statement and a nemesis. Each season does and should feel different from the one that came before it.”

As previously reported, Wentworth Miller, a.k.a. Captain Cold, will not be returning as a regular cast member on the show. While this is a loss to Legends, he won’t be gone entirely. His new contract indicates that he will be appearing on The Flash, Legends and another possible DC show on the CW in a recurring capacity.

“We’ve got a very unique opportunity here, where we’re telling three different stories across three different shows that all take place in the same universe. One of the things we find to be unique about our little franchise is the fact that different characters, like they do in the comic books, can jump from series to series to series. Wentworth was a real mensch and a team player to be willing to make the kind of deal that would allow for that hopping back and forth. It’s not the way things are typically done in television. Typically, people make deals for only one show. But we’re branching out and trying to be pioneers. Wentworth was kind enough to be a pioneer with us.

We’ve started to talk about bringing others [from Arrow and The Flash] on. We’ve got some pretty good ideas for the season premiere already. It’s this shared universe. We always say some cross-pollination among all the characters across all three shows makes the universe feel lived in and makes it feel like a shared universe. It’s always a great deal of fun for us to do it and we’ve got some notions.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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