Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: S1E10 ‘Progeny’

Spoiler Warning for ‘Left Behind’

We open with Rory still in his cage on the Waverider, and Rip trying to convince him that he let Rory down. He tells him he knew what Rory’s true nature was like, and that he more or less set up Rory for failure. Rip even goes on to try and convince him that Snart was merely following orders when he went to “take care of” him. Unconvinced Rory simply says he will kill both Rip and Snart.

The team heads to the year 2147 into a territory called the Kasnia Conglomerate. In this time, most countries are really ran by corporations (there is even a reference later that says Star Labs has their own territory). This time period is yet another key moment on Vandal Savage’s ultimate rise to power. While on their initial hunt for information, they witness a team of robots, that look extremely similar to the ATOM suit, stop a purse snatcher. Ray understandably is distracted by seeing his technology used in this way, and goes with Martin and Jax to investigate.

Rip infiltrates a Kasnia Conglomerate shareholder’s meeting and discovers that Savage is in the Conglomerate’s inner circle, and is even tutoring Per Degaton. In the comics, Degaton is a time-traveling villain who has fought Rip more than once. He informs the team that in five years Degaton will release the Armageddon virus on Kasnia, wiping out most of the people who live there. Then, Savage will betray Degaton and complete his rise to power, starting the chain of events that lead to the death of Rip’s wife and son. Snart brings up the ethical dilemma of killing Degaton before he has a chance to unleash the virus. The team refers to Degaton repeatedly as “Baby Hitler” and discuss whether or not they should act on Snart’s proposal. Most of the team is appalled at the idea however, arguing that at this point in time, the young Degaton has committed no wrongs. Rip, who at first seemed opened to the idea of killing Degaton, settles with kidnapping him in an attempt to remove him from the timeline.

They split back up with Ray continuing to investigate the robots built in his suit’s image. When they get to the source, a place that I initially thought was a museum, Ray discovers that he was right. The suits were based on his technology, and there is even a bust that looks just like him with the name “Palmer” on it. He discovers that his descendant is running the facility, leading him to the conclusion he must have had a child back in 2016 that he didn’t know about. Interestingly, he automatically assumes the child was someone that had already been conceived. It never occurs to him or to the others that they might complete their mission and return home to live out their lives.

On “team-kidnapping” Sara was able to take out one of Degaton’s security officers, allowing Rip to slip into his place. While Snart attacks the rest of the detail, Rip abducts Degaton and takes him back to the Waverider. Gideon keeps him sedated while the team decides what their next step is going to be.

Unfortunately, Gideon informs Rip that kidnapping Degaton had little to no effect, and that Savage still takes over the world. Rip now believes their only course of action is to execute Degaton, something that Sara strongly opposes. She gives him a lecture about people being able to change, like she has had to do, and leaves Rip to have a chat with Rory. Clearly she believes he can change as well. She talks to him about what she and Snart were doing when Rory was with the time-pirates. She explains they were dying and that Snart spoke only of his friendship with Rory. She tells him that Snart is a loyal friend (but seems to gloss over the fact it was Snart who marooned Rory). Sara tries to tell Snart he should talk with Rory, but he refuses.

Without the rest of the team’s knowledge, Rip takes Degaton to a lake, and tells him about his son wanting to learn to swim. Degaton figures out Rip is there to kill him, and challenges him to do so. Unable to go through with it, Rip pleads with Degaton to listen to his father, and turn from Savage’s teachings.

Degaton’s father, with the aid of Savage, tracked down and attack the Waverider using the ATOM robots. The action sequence that followed was really well done. It’s been awhile since we have seen the entire team unleash this way, and I really enjoyed it. During the battle Ray mentions he can’t win using last year’s model, so he flies to the facility that is overseeing the robots. With Kendra’s help, he persuades his descendant to turn off the robots. It also comes out that she is not directly from his lineage, but from Ray’s brother, who must have begun working at Palmer Tech with Felicity Smoak after Ray left 2016.


Savage has captured Sara, but with the robot army down, Rip and Degaton’s father agree to a trade, something Degaton was actively arguing against. Back at the Conglomerate headquarters, Savage manipulates Degaton into killing his father for his weakness, and Gideon tells Rip that their interference has actually sped up the time table and Savage began his rise to power a few years earlier.

Snart finally goes to speak with Rory and offers him a proposal: They let their fist do the talking and if Rory lives, he will have the opportunity to escape. Though victorious, Rory doesn’t kill Snart, but tells him and the others that the Time Masters will have sent a group called The Hunters to wipe them out of the time-stream.

Random Thoughts

  • Throughout the episode Kendra was experiencing flashbacks to her past life where she and Carter had a son named Aldus. This is the same son we saw in the first episode of Legends of Tomorrow who was eventually killed by Chronos. The flashbacks seemed to serve two purposes. To remind us of Carter, whom I suspect we will be seeing again sooner than later, and to demonstrate Kendra’s growing ability to sense when Savage is close.
  • I find myself wondering why Kendra hasn’t confronted Rory, who was responsible for her son’s death. Yes, he was going to die soon anyway, but the cause of death was changed when Chronos attacked, and she now knows Chronos is really Rory.
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