Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: S1E9 ‘Left Behind’

Sara vs Kendra in 'Left Behind'

Spoiler Warning for ‘Left Behind’

The episode begins by replay the final events of the previous one. While Ray, Kendra, and Sara are off the ship, saying their goodbyes to 1958, Chronos both attacks, and takes over, the Waverider. Sara and the others get back to the ship just in time to watch it take off and time-jump. Ray insisted that they stay in one spot, so that it’s easier for the rest of the team to find them. He mentions that’s what he learned in boy scouts but Sara and Kendra talk him into leaving a few hours later. She wants to get away from Paradise Falls because she doesn’t think the three of them can handle Vandal Savage if he finds them.

A few weeks go by, and Ray has been working on a time beacon, so that he can get a signal to the Waverider. He finally completes it only to watch it explode and burn up when he activates it. Frustrated with their current situation, Sara leaves Ray and Kendra to find a place where she belongs.

Two years later, Ray and Kendra are still living together. She is working as a librarian (something we don’t learn till later in the episode) and Ray is working as a college professor (where he happens to meet Bill Gates’ father). While celebrating their anniversary, Ray’s latest version of the time beacon activates and the Waverider appears before them.

Backing up a bit, Chronos had sabotaged the Waverider and kidnaped Snart, and left the others behind. He stole their jump ship and left the others stranded. Rip was able to regain control of ship after rebooting Gideon, but not before the Waverider bounced around, and ultimately came out of the time stream in 1960 (as close to when they left as they were able to manage). Kendra was thrilled to see them, but interestingly Ray was less so. He had spent weeks doing nothing but working on his time beacon, and when it finally worked, he wasn’t ready to leave the life that he and Kendra had built. He was about to propose to her before the ship arrived.

Sara spent her time re-joining the League of Assassins (featuring Matt Nable reprising his role of Ra’s al Chul). During a training session Ra’s mentions that Sara has learned to control her bloodlust, and tell’s his daughter Talia that she has much she can learn from Sara. The team figured out that’s where Sara went, since it’s the only place in that time period that might feel like home to her. While trying to infiltrate Nanda Parbat, Rip orders Ray to stay out of his Atom suit, as well as for Jax and Stein to stay separated. Keeping his more powerful members in their civilian guises been a criticism of mine, but here it makes sense. Rip’s goal was to get in to retrieve Sara and get out before Ra’s and the league discover they are there. Obviously there is no chance he would be able to pull that off, and I was surprised he managed to find Sara undetected. It was too late though as Sara has long ago sworn her allegiance to the League, and sounds the alarms that there are intruders.

Back on the jump ship, Snart insist on learning why he was taken by Chronos, when Rip seems to have been the more obvious choice. Chronos seems surprised that Snart hadn’t figured it out, and took his helmet off to reveal he was really Mick Rory/Heatwave. In a flashback we see that Snart didn’t actually kill him, but merely knocked him back out. Rory mentions it was weeks before the Time Masters retrieved him. He was taken to the Vanishing Point and turned into Chronos. Rory then leaves the jump ship after discovering the Legends were back in 1960. While gone, Snart, handcuffed to a hand rail was able to just barely reach his cold gun, and was able to use it. He used it to freeze his own hand, and then manage to break his hand off, leaving him free to go after the others.

To save themselves, Rip challenges Ra’s Al Ghul to a trial by combat. In what turns out to be a stroke of luck for Rip, Ra’s has Sara fight in his place, and informs Rip he may choose a proxy as well. Rip ignores Ray’s offer to be the one to fight, and selects Kendra hoping she can appear to Sara. The gamble paid off and Sara spared Kendra’s life. At about that time, Chronos enters but is taken out relatively easily once Ray suits up, and Firestorm emerges. Snart arrives and reveals Chrono’s real identity.

Once again released from the League, Sara joins the others on the Waverider where they decide to keep Rory there, in an effort to rehabilitate him. Why they can keep him in-prisoned now, when they couldn’t a few episodes ago, I don’t know.

All in all, I had expected this episode to feel like filler, with the bulk of it regarding the lives that Kendra, Ray and Sara had built for themselves. I’m happy to say I was wrong, and this episode should indeed have ramifications down the

Random Thoughts

  • Time travel stories, I love them but they can be confusing. Rip couldn’t take Ray back to 1958 because that would leave two versions of him and Kendra together, but isn’t that exactly what has happened numerous times on the show already. Multiple characters have met their past selves (not to mention the same has happened on The Flash). Perhaps I’m missing something, or maybe I’m just over thinking it.
  • When Rip challenged Ra’s, I couldn’t help but remember when Sara made it clear to him that her combat training exceeded his own. What made Rip think he stood a chance against the man who trained Sara?
  • Ra’s al Ghul has had a few children, but Talia is the most famous. This marks her first appearance in the Arrow-Verse. Most fans have assumed that his other daughter, Nyssa, has been used since Talia was in the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.
  • I was genuinely surprised at finding out who Chronos was. However, I’m happy to find that Rory is still on the show. Often that kind of reveal gets spoiled ahead of time, so well don’e to the show’s creators on keeping it secret.
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