‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap: S1EP13 “Leviathan”

This week saw another fantastic episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which can probably be considered its best episode to date. “Leviathan” gave fans more than what they probably hoped for, and ended with a whole new set of unexpected twists.

The episode opens with the team finally in 2166, and as it turns out, only a couple of days before Rip’s family is killed. Quickly the team infiltrates the ranks of Savage’s army, and when they find a young woman wearing Kendra’s bracelet, they decide to deviate from the plan and try and secure it. During the fight, they discover that this woman is none other than Savage’s daughter, which leads Snart to kidnapping her. Once they return to the ship, Kendra melts the bracelet and pours the molten gold onto her mace, turning it into a weapon that can now actually kill Savage. The Waverider is then attacked by the “Leviathan,” which is a giant Atom robot that is hellbent on destroying them. After the initial attack Snart successfully convinces Savage’s daughter Cassandra to join their cause after he proves to her the kind of monster her father is. Ray and Jax reverse the polarity of the ATOM suit, allowing Ray to grow and physically fight and defeat the robot. During their conflict, the rest of the team once again attack Savage’s base and after a long battle, Kendra successfully capture Savage after learning that one of his soldiers is actually Carter. The episode closes with the team having Savage in custody.

Now that the recap is out of the way, Heroic Hollywood is now going to review our top 5 highlights from the episode.

Vandal Savage, in true form.

While admittedly Vandal Savage hasnt changed much over the course of this season, tonights episode marked the first time we have seen this character actually in the role of the tyrannically dictator of the world. Actor Casper Crump was finally able to play the character the way he was always intended to, and this episode finally gave fans the best version of this monster.

Cassandra Savage

While in the comics she goes by the name Kassandra Sage, fans got to see a new take on the character, and one that is worth our time. At first she was loyal to a fault, but thanks to the work of Captain Cold she became aware of her Father’s horrific acts and decided to help our heroes stop her father. And come on, who doesn’t love a good redemption story?

The Leviathan

Now for those who missed the trailers for this episode, seeing the Leviathan had to be surprising. Savage seemingly reworked one of the previous ATOM robots and turned it into a colossal weapon that nearly destroyed our heroes single-handedly. From the promise of a giant robot from the shows first trailer, it was about time fans were treated and got to see one of the most physically imposing foes to date.

Ray Palmer… The Giant Man

Its hard not to think that DC may have just beat Marvel to the punch. With Captain America: Civil War due next week, having Ray Palmer reverse his suit and grow instead of shrink seemed to be extremely similar from what Scott Lang/Ant-Man will be doing in that film. Comparisons aside, this scene stole the show. Ray proved he was a force to be reckoned with, and while the CGI was a little off at times, the fight was one of the best moments this show has had to offer thus far.


Now who didn’t see that coming? Fans could have guessed that we would be seeing Carter again, and likely it would be in a future setting, but have the character turn out to be one of Savage’s loyal soldiers was a great twist. Now that heroes have their fallen member back, Savage now has a very compelling reason to be left alive… because without him Carter will never regain his memories and return to his former self.

Legends of Tomorrow returned this week with one of their best episodes to date. It glossed over all the silly plotlines that have distracted the show from its purpose, and allowed the characters to truly shine. With 3 episodes left this season, it goes without saying that from here on out, the show will be getting very interesting.

Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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