Leonardo DiCaprio Would Love To Play Stan Lee In Potential Biopic

Stan Lee’s legacy is truly confirmed in the continued explosive popularity of his most proud creations to this day. The Marvel Comics creator recently attended Wizard World Nashville, and at a panel with his manager Max Anderson, they revealed that one particular actor is not only a huge Marvel fan but wants to play Lee in a movie about his life: Leonardo DiCaprio.

At the panel, Anderson told the story about how DiCaprio, Lee’s neighbour, had rushed to Lee’s car one day, which Anderson at first thought was a gushing fanboy. Anderson was surprised to see it was DiCaprio, and Lee then talked about him visiting DiCaprio’s house after the encounter:

“He’s a big Marvel fan. In his house, he has huge posters on his walls, all over, Marvel posters. He’s great.”

Lee also revealed, playfully, the conversations he and DiCaprio had had about playing Stan Lee in a potential biopic somewhere down the line:

“Doing a movie of my life, with him playing me, and I said, ‘I’m not sure you’re good-looking enough. We’ll test you, see how you look, see how it comes out, don’t get too excited, we’ll let you know”

Fans of the MCU have always imagined what kind of Marvel Comics character an actor like Leonardo DiCaprio could play, but the idea of him playing Stan Lee might be more plausible than Adam Warlock, Iron Man or even the bizarre 90s James Cameron Spider-Man.

The idea of Lee and DiCaprio’s interactions comes quite soon after the news  about Warner Bros. interest in bringing the actor in to play the Joker in the Martin Scorsese-produced solo film. Honestly, DiCaprio is more high-profile than to just play another comic-book character, and while Bryan Cranston is a desired fan-cast, Leo being a huge Marvel fan could do a brilliant job of portraying the legendary comics figurehead. ‘Nuff said.

Source: ComicBook.com

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