‘Star Wars’: Listen To An Audience Erupt as they Experience Film In 1977

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time and experience the original classic Star Wars for the first time with an audience when it released in 1977? Well, you can’t do that but thanks to YouTube users William Forsche and Homer Thompson you can now listen to an audience react to the end of Star Wars for the first time. The audio recording — which was originally uploaded by Forsche in 2013  — was placed to the original picture by Thompson and now the video has gone viral after circulating on Reddit.

In the description of the video from Forche’s audio recording he notes this was actually the second time

This audio was recorded in 1977 when my mother took me to see Star Wars.
(for the second time)
Hearing her laugh (@ :42 & @ 2:54) and cheer with me and the rest of the audience is absolutely priceless to me.
You can also hear me making laser beam sounds at the end of this recording, because “Star Wars” got me all fired up! :)

Hearing an audience cheer and applaud just as Han Solo swoops in to save Luke followed by eruption let out by the audience when Luke destroys the Death Star is something I’ve always wished I could experience as a life-long Star Wars fan. It’s incredibly exciting to hear the franchise become an instant sensation.

When the credits roll you can also hear Forche’s mother begin to hum along with the classic symphonic score from legendary composer John Williams. As the theater begins to pour out the audience can barely contain themselves as they brim with excitement.

Michael Mistroff

Michael Mistroff

News Editor, Film/TV Reporter at Heroic Hollywood.