‘Live Die Repeat And Repeat’ Will Help Explain Original Movie’s Ending

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise Emily Blunt Doug Liman

While Edge of Tomorrow underperformed stateside, it did well enough overseas and developed a strong enough following for a sequel to be made. Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the first film, has chipped in that Live Die Repeat and Repeat will help explain the first movie’s ending – and he also has a bit of trivia on that unusual sequel title.

McQuarrie recently held a Q&A session via Twitter to discuss several projects. One thing he was able to reveal about Live Die Repeat and Repeat was that it would get into the original movie’s ending in a new way:

“The end of Edge I will finally make complete sense.”

For those of you not up to speed with the premise of Edge of Tomorrow, it involves an alien invasion of Europe by a species that can psychically travel back in time to gain foresight of the battles they experience. When a public affairs officer finds himself accidentally getting a blood transfusion from one of the aliens, he gains their ability and does what he can to try and stop a trap before it can start. The movie is pretty consistent with its rules about its technical time travel up until the ending (spoiler alert), when the officer loses this ability. He and a group of renegade soldiers are able to destroy the hidden alien nest at the cost of their lives, but the officer finds himself and the others alive the following morning, when it is reported that the alien invasion was thwarted due to his efforts. Obviously, this scenario’s answer was hinted at in the movie itself (as the last shot we see with the officer features him drowning in alien blood, which is how he got the ability in the first place), but it seems to break the movie’s rules about time travel. Hopefully, we’ll get a better understanding of how this process works in the sequel.

On another note, McQuarrie also mentioned that he had no input on the sequel’s title, making it either a decision by director Doug Liman, writers Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel, or the studio.

“I was not consulted.”

Live Die Repeat and Repeat does not currently have a release date. The film will star Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.