The Soundtrack For Luke Cage is Getting a Live Performance

Music is usually a subtle quality in most TV shows and movies but we have begun to see the importance of it grow in Marvel properties lately. When Guardians Of The Galaxy premiered half of the conversations going on about the soundtrack. Something about having that perfect song playing over a scene can really be the icing on the cake. They seem to be taking it to another level when it comes to Luke Cage.

Ali Shahee Muhammad, and Adrian Younge both had a hand in creating a score for the series and they seem to be taking it a step further. The two have set up a live performance of the series’ music, complete with a 40-piece orchestra. They have dubbed the event Marvel’s Luke Cage: The Live Score. It is set to take place on October 6th, in Los Angeles in the theater at Ace Hotel. If you happen to go to the event and love what you’re hearing, you are in luck because the album will be released the day after the event. Producer No I.D. will also be preforming a DJ set while comedians Russell Peters and Wayne Brady are set to host.

This is just another sign that the MCU seems to be really focusing on music as a driving force in their media. How do you feell about this trend, and would you like to see them spend more time on music in other Mavel Properties? Let us know in the comments. Luckily we won’t have to wait to much longer to hear the score for Luke Cage. It’ s set to premiere on Netflix September 30th.

Source: MCU Exchange