‘Logan’: X-Men Movie Wins ADG Award For ‘Contemporary Film’

James Mangold's Logan recently won the Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design award for Best Contemporary Feature Film.

Logan Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Hugh Jackman‘s Logan recently bagged the award for Contemporary Film at the Art Directors Guild Excellence In Production Design award.

Every year, the Art Directors Guild awards the best production designers and art directors for their efforts in creating and designing the worlds of some of our favorite films.

The award for Contemporary Feature Film was given to Francois Audouy, who was the production designer for the film, as well as its predecessor, The Wolverine. Here’s what Audouy had to say when he received the award:

“Thank you to the Art Directors Guild for recognizing us in the contemporary category, Our goal from the beginning was to make a film that connected with our times. I wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for James Mangold’s vision for Mangold. He wrote such an incredible screenplay and challenged us to thank differently. We’d also like to thank Hugh Jackman, whose passion and dedication were an inspiration to us all.”

Other films to win at the awards included The Shape of Water for Period Feature Film, Blade Runner 2049 for Fantasy Feature Film, and Coco for Animated Feature Film.

Logan is also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards.

Logan is currently on Blu-Ray.

Source: ADG