‘Logan’: Dafne Keen Talks X-23 Spin-Off & Bonding With Hugh Jackman

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While fans entered Logan screening rooms to witness Hugh Jackman’s final performance as the X-Men hero Wolverine, many left praising newcomer Dafne Keen’s performance as Laura/X-23. The character has left such an indelible mark on audiences that many have called for Keen’s X-23 to succeed Jackman’s Wolverine with her own spin-off series. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Keen discussed a potential return as the popular new mutant and recounted her audition with Hugh Jackman.

Keen shared a story about how a watch helped ease the tension during her audition with Jackman.

“I was very nervous and excited, and couldn’t stop jumping from one bed to another in the hotel room. When I got into the room, I was wearing a new watch and I didn’t know how it worked. We did a scene where Hugh had to grab my wrist, and every time he did, it would go ‘beep beep beep.’ I didn’t want to say it was mine and they didn’t know where the noise was coming from, which made me very shy and tense, until suddenly Hugh said, ‘Is that your watch?’ When I said yes, they both laughed a lot, and everything felt friendly. They both made me feel relaxed and we had fun.”

Keen stated that she was more than open to reprising the role in a future X-Men related project.

“She is an emotional bomb. She’s complicated — she tries to be so strong but she feels so kind of vulnerable at the same time. I really love her. I’d love to keep playing her.”

Though nothing has been confirmed regarding X-23’s future in film, director James Mangold has previously stated that he would shocked if there was not at least attempt to develop the character further.

Logan is now playing theaters!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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