UPDATE: ‘Logan’ Debuts With $88.3M; Becomes Best R-Rated Opening In March

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There was never any doubt that James Mangold’s Logan, the final tale in the Wolverine trilogy, would do well. After it was shown to critics a few weeks ago and then to opened to general audiences on Friday, March 3, it’s been tracking to make a solid $80 million debut. But with its Friday and Saturday gross earnings of $33.1 and $31.3 million respectively, Logan has surpassed expectations and finished the weekend with a phenomenal $88.3 million. Earlier in the weekend, the gross numbers were reflected to be $85 million, but final numbers adjusted up this morning. This makes it the fourth highest-grossing opening for an R-Rated film so far, beating out the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey and Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, and also the best R-Rated March opening. At the global box office, Logan has grossed an estimated $237.8 million, which is quite an impressive feat.

The film marks Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the iconic Wolverine. Jackman has played the character for seventeen years and throughout six X-Men films and three Wolverine movies. His portrayal of the character also marks one of the longest in superhero history of one person playing the same character. Logan has received a generally positive critical reception and fans alike. For months, it was highly anticipated and it delivered in story and execution.

In second place is Jordan Peele’s Get Out, which was knocked from its number one spot. In its second weekend, it grossed $26.1 million, with $11.6 million pulled in on Friday. This brings the film’s domestic total to $76 million. The faith-based movie, The Shack, starring Octavia Spencer was in third place with $16.1 million. In fourth place is The LEGO Batman Movie, grossing an additional $11.6 million dollar, bringing its domestic total to $148.5 million.

In fifth place is the young adult film adaptation, Before I Fall, which grossed $4.9 million. The film cost $5 million to make and made its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It might do even better once its on streaming services.

What did you go to see this weekend? Did you go see Logan? If so, what’d you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Deadline

Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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  • Maxi Iroh

    Wow, Logan made 150M overseas?!

    • Peter James

      Largely due to China ($46 Million), where Wolverine is a very popular character (and the odd popular comicbook character where even the MCU has a tough time selling out theaters)

      • Ruben C Barron

        They mostly struggled in Phase one. Starting with Avengers they’ve done well in China. Only two films since the completion of Phase one have made less than $100 million in China. One of which is the Dark world which had $55 million and Guardians which made $96 million. Even Ant-Man made $105 million in China.

        • Peter James

          I’m talking about opening weekend gross (Friday to Sunday).
          Not the entire theatrical run gross.

          You wanna check what all those movies made on their opening weekend?
          Because Logan made $46 Million which is no small feat for a movie that cost just about that much to make, with only two stars and not a whole load of special effects.

          • Ruben C Barron

            I never said anything about Logan not having an impressive opening. I simply addressed your claim that Marvel Studios “has a tough time selling out theaters”. And I never belittled Logan. It is a good opening for China. You seem to be selling the movie short. “Only two stars”, including one of the best actors of his generation in Patrick Stewart who has a huge following from both X-men and Star Trek in his final portrayal as the Professor X so many have grown up with. And Hugh Jackman who is universally accepted as Wolverine and is finishing a 17 year run as the character. But I’ll give you the numbers anyway, even though you went and threw in a bunch of qualifiers to help yourself.

            Ultron: $155 million
            Doctor Strange: $43 million
            Guardians: $30 millio
            Ant-man: $42.7 million
            Thor: $20 million
            Iron Man 3: $64.5 million
            Civil War: $93 million
            Winter Soldier: $38 million

            Doctor Strange, Guardians, and Ant-man were all first entires into experimental franchises and had respectable opening weekends and good full run grosses. Winter Soldier was a second entry into the franchise and grossed nearly 19X as much in its opening weekend as the 2nd wolverine film did. Thor did poorly because, well Thor usually does poorly compared to the rest. Lol

            Don’t forget that Logan was backed with at least 8 other Wolverine performances from Jackman (including cameos) and 5 from Patrick Stewart (including cameos). They didn’t just throw unknowns to star in Logan and hope for the best. These are the two best characters from their universe in the culmination of 9 movies spanning 17 years. Not even the MCU has a history that long and not many of the main title heroes have been in that many films. Entering Age of Ultron Tony had the most appearances at that point with 5 and currently stands at 7. Captain America was next with 4 entering Ultron and currently stands at 5. Hulk has 4. Thor has 4. Vision has 2. Falcon has 3. Guardians 1. Ant-Man 2. Doctor Strange 1. On and on. Wolverine has the longest history in Superhero films with one actor.

            I’m not bashing Logan at all, I want it to go well. I’m just saying that the MCU does not struggle as much as you seem to imply.

            The Wolverine: $2,127415 (Full run)
            Origins: $0 (no Chinese release)

          • Maxi Iroh

            Every MCU movie is backed by 9/10/11/12/13/14 movies, it doesn’t matter if it’s shi*ty Thor The Dark World, or Dr. Strange and Ant-Man, Marvel Studios is a recognizable brand, X-Men, Deadpool and Wolverine, not so much, and taking into account that The Wolverine made only $2M and it’s entire run and that most X-Men movies and most importantly Wolverine Origins didn’t come to China, Logan making $43M on its first weekend is pretty great.

            Also i don’t think very many people in China know who Patrick Stewart is.

          • Ruben C Barron

            I’m not really sure who to believe since Peter James says Wolverine is a “very popular character” in China while Marvel studios “struggles”, but you seem to be implying the opposite. Lol

            Again, I’m not belittling Logan or it’s opening. I’ve agreed that it’s a good opening. I was never disputing that. I was only pointing out that Marvel Studios doesn’t struggle in China as much as Peter implied. He made it seem as if Wolverine is really the only popular superhero in the country and that Marvel struggles with everyone else. And only after I replied pointing out that they do actually do well, he then threw in qualifiers about cast, budget, and special effects. I simply followed along with his narrative.

            Marvel in general, not the studio, is a globally recognizable brand. Whether it’s X-Men, Wolverine, or Deadpool. They all have large followings around the world. Otherwise Deadpool would never have made over $400 million in foreign markets without a Chinese release. And just because there was no Chinese release, it doesn’t mean he has no Chinese fans. It simply meant they banned it from being released. Same as Suicide Squad. Harley, Joker, and Batman (cameo) have huge followings but the film didn’t release in China. Does that mean he has no fans there? That he’s unrecognizable to Chinese audiences? I think it’s more indicative of the fact that China hasn’t played as big a role in foreign box offices until recent years.

      • Maxi Iroh

        Vin Diesel is a more popular character than Wolverine though, who would’ve said that.