‘Logan’ Star Hugh Jackman On Re-Casting Wolverine

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After nearly two decades of playing the titular hero, Logan will mark Hugh Jackman final appearance as the popular X-Men hero. While producers have stated that discussions on the character’s cinematic future without Jackman have yet to begin, fans are already speculating on what the future holds for Wolverine’s future in film. In an interview with film critic Rajeev Masand, Jackman discussed the character’s future and the possibility of a new actor assuming the Wolverine mantle.

Jackman discussed his feelings regarding the possibility of someone new taking on the role and suggested a certain Bollywood star as his successor.

“I … I think I’ll be fine with it. I hope other people play him. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan can play him. Who knows, y’know?”

Jackman added that Wolverine’s long comic history invites others to interpret the role in the future.

“The comic book series is so good because you’ve had so many people interpreting this role over so many years. I think there’s six origin stories; everyone puts their own stamp on it. This is a great character. I’ll be really interested to see how I feel about it. I want it to be really great, but I don’t want it to be that much better than me. Like, just a little bit better’s fine, but if everyone’s like, ‘Oh, thank God, now –’ I might find that a little difficult.”

You can watch the entire interview below!

What do you think of Jackman’s suggestion of Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood superstar, as his successor? Should the role of Wolverine be recast or should the character retire from X-Men films along with the actor?

You can read Heroic Hollywood’s review of the film here.

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young Mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

Directed by James Mangold, the film stars Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Richard E. Grant, Boyd Holbrook, Doris Morgado, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Patrick Stewart.

Logan is now playing in theaters!

Source: Rajeev Masand (via Comic Book Resources)

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  • Nathan_12thMan

    It really depends on what they want to do with Wolverine. It would be pretty stupid to attempt to re-cast the character so soon after Hugh just hit a grand slam playing the character in ‘Logan’. Give us some time, some space to breath before re-casting it.

    So, what should they do? Well, if they are going to have X-Men movies in the modern time at some point they should introduce X-23 via X-Force. How? Well, it seems everyone loved X-23 in ‘Logan’, but she is too young. Time travel is a thing in X-Force (due to Cable) so when Cable is putting together the X-Force team or maybe he has already done it and Deadpool is the final teammate he gets (so he introduces Deadpool to the already assembled team; Psylocke, Fantomex, X-23, etc) and it is revealed that Cable went into the future to get the adult version of X-23 from the ‘Logan’ movie.

    So, then in X-Force and future Deadpool movies and in X-Men movies that take place in modern times we can have X-23 be the Logan/Wolverine mantle bearer. Whether she wears the costume (http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/a/aa/All-New_Wolverine_Vol_1_6_Women_of_Power_Variant_Textless.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160212223915) or not is up to them. Whether she goes by ‘Wolverine’ or not is up to them.

    (A cool scene to introduce her would be by having Cable say “this is wolverine” and Deadpool joke around and say no it isn’t, Wolverine is a man, Wolverine is played by Hugh, Wolverine has claws, who is this girl?” then have her *snickt* her claws out into Deadpool (he heals so he’d be fine) and him be like “Oh…” and Cable say “this is Logan’s daughter/clone, I got her from the future, she’s Wolverine now.”

    As for re-casting, for a TV show (or possibly a movie) I like ‘The Lone Survivor’ Taylor Kitsch (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8YPoTPNHQw8/maxresdefault.jpg) but for a movie I just don’t think you can go wrong with Tom Hardy; https://www.quirkybyte.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Tom-Hardy-as-Wolverine-by-Rob-Keyes.jpg

    The dude just is Wolverine. The same height, can put on the muscle (Warrior), is animalistic and is an amazing actor.

    • Axxell

      I know they won’t cast someone anytime soon (so it’s a moot point), but if they were doing it today, I’d suggest someone who fits the bill better…


      Emile Hirsch is in his early 30’s (like Jackman back in 1999), he’s short (like Wolverine actually IS) and has a pretty good acting resume. His only downsides are that his face doesn’t scream “Wolverine”, and he ran into a few legal troubles in the past (namely, aggravated assault charges, pointing to attitude issues…But that shouldn’t be much of a problem for a character like Logan…).

  • Jason Scarpelli

    If someone else plays Wolverine I’m banning superhero movies