‘Logan’: Hugh Jackman Explains Why He Was Skeptical Of Playing X-24

Logan X-24
Logan marked Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine after having played the popular X-Men hero for almost two decades. While the film concluded Wolverine’s story, it also provided a handful a moments fans had been waiting to see since the character first debuted in Bryan Singer’s X-Men film seventeen years ago, particularly a more ferocious and lethal take on the character. One of the foes Wolverine encounters in the film is his own clone, X-24, who is arguably an even more unhinged and merciless combatant than the titular hero. While fans may have been thrilled to see Wolverine battle a darker version of himself, Hugh Jackman revealed that he was initially concerned about playing X-24 in an interview with Collider.

Jackman explained why he was worried that playing X-24 would cause some emotional confusion for audiences.

“I was very skeptical of having X-24 being played by me. I understood what it represented and thematically the idea of battling himself, which of course is right at the core of this character that we never fully got to, so I kind of loved the externalization of that. But I also know that myself as an actor and fans of Wolverine come up to me in the street every day and go, ‘We wanna see that full berserker animalistic crazy off-the-wall Wolverine,’ right? That we don’t feel we’ve fully seen it, so I was like, ‘Jim if we introduced halfway or near the end of the movie that full berserker animalistic crazy Wolverine and he’s somehow fighting our hero, audiences won’t know what to feel.’ And I remember him saying, ‘Trust me, trust me, trust me.’ And I was a bit of a pain in the ass on that one, I was like, ‘I’m just not sure. Let’s keep exploring it and exploring it.’ When I saw the movie it’s just clear, for some reason I think because he skewers Patrick Stewart in that moment the audience just sort of hates him. We did some subtle things, I changed the bridge of my nose, I wore contacts—I just wanted him to look a little different from myself. And I think by that point we’d created already the Wolverine that people wanted to see. So anyway, that was one of my examples of being wrong (laughs).”

Considering Logan was a relatively more ruthless fighter than previously depicted, I can’t imagine audiences would have had a difficult time rooting against the unhinged X-24. However, introducing the doppelganger by having kill fan favorite Charles Xavier almost certainly ensured that fans would not be pulling for the villain.

Directed by James Mangold, the film stars Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, Eriq LaSalle, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Boyd Holbrook.

Logan is now available on Digital HD  and will be released on Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on May 23.

Source: Collider

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  • Vegas82

    I can’t decide which version I like better, but I think Logan Noir helps hide some of the digital effects.

    • Darthmanwe

      Do what I do.

      Love both and don’t worry about which is better.

      I already rewatched it five times in normal and once in Noir.

      Logan is a f****g masterpiece no matter what.