‘Logan’ Director On The Influence Of ‘Superman’ & ‘The Dark Knight’ Star…

'Logan' director James Mangold on how 'Dark Knight' star Christian Bale may be indirectly responsible for the film & the influence of Superman's humanity.

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Logan has opened to critical success with many praising the film a fitting farewell to Hugh Jackman’s incarnation of the title character. Audiences have also applauded Logan for venturing into scarcely explored genres for a superhero film, particularly the western genre, which director James Mangold has openly stated had an influence on the film. In an interview with Empire Podcast, Mangold discussed a wide variety of topics including how Richard Donner’s Superman influenced the film and how actor Christian Bale may have been indirectly responsible for Logan.

Mangold discussed how an injury suffered by The Dark Knight star Christian Bale, who was set to star in subsequently cancelled project by Mangold, may have inadvertently influenced his work on Logan.

“For my sake, it was an odd journey. After I finished The Wolverine, I was going to make a detective film called The Deep Blue Good-By with Christian Bale. I had spent the previous two years in Marvel mode and I was really looking forward to escape. Fourteen days before we started shooting, Christian tore the ACL in his knee and could not perform, so the movie got cancelled. That was a dark film and a journey into the abyss. I was broken-hearted over that film not happening, and I think I brought a lot of that inward ambition from that movie to this.”

In terms of humanizing god-like heroes, Mangold cited Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Richard Donner’s Superman as touchpoints.

“I think it’s something Neil Gaiman played with so beautifully in the original Sandman: these are literally gods but they’re having fraternal squabbles. It’s like Hannah And Her Sisters, but with gods. I think that’s humanising. Richard Donner’s Superman was extremely human to me – a different tone to Logan by far, but still. Those beautifully-written scenes by Robert Benton between him and Lois Lane on the terrace, the beautiful humanity and simplicity of those scenes, and the lyrical joy of being swept in the air by a god who also happens to have a crush on [her], the contradictions in all of that are beautiful to me.”

For more revelations, you can read the full interview with director James Mangold here.

Whatever drove James Mangold’s ambition and whichever superheroes provided examples of how to humanize the near-invincible, it appears his approach to Logan worked as the film continues to experience box office success that places it among the highest grossing R-rated films.

Source: Empire Online

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