‘Logan’ Director Compares Wolverine To Johnny Cash & Frankenstein’s Monster

'Logan' director James Mangold compares Wolverine to Johnny Cash and Frankenstein's monster based on a conversation he had with the late musician.

Logan will mark the end of Hugh Jackman’s tenure as the titular hero since first playing the character in Bryan Singer’s X-Men film in 2000. Concluding a story that has spanned for nearly two decades, fans will find Logan an older and regretful man when the third installment of the Wolverine film series hits theaters. In an interview with Bad Taste, director James Mangold made an interesting comparison between the remorseful hero and both legendary musician Johnny Cash and Frankenstein’s monster.

When asked if he could draw a parallel between Logan and Johnny Cash, whose life story Mangold depicted in Walk the Line, the director explained how Logan actually shares similar qualities with many characters featured in his previous works.

“Yes. […] I think it very much dawned on me, I mean many of the protagonists in my movies share similar qualities. I think you could draw parallels with who Winona Ryder plays in Girl, Interrupted or Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma and Johnny Cash and certainly Logan. [They’re] all struggling with darkness in their lives or struggling with the shadow of regret or having made a terrible mistake, being haunted by their past, unable to see how they can move on or change the course of their lives.”

Mangold made the comparison between Logan and Frankenstein’s creature based on a conversation he had with Johnny Cash, where the musician explained why felt a connection to the classic Universal monster.

“Between Johnny Cash and Logan I think it’s even more magical. When I was working on Walk the Line, one of the last conversations I had with Johnny Cash, cause he was helping me with the script, I was asking him a bunch of questions about his life and one of them I asked was ‘what was your favorite film as a child?’. And he said that he saw when he was growing up […] James Wale’s original Universal Frankenstein and he had this profound emotional response to the movie. All the people around him the theater, the kids, were all frightened of the monster but he felt identity with the monster. He felt he identified with the creature and he said because ‘here was this creature in this film that was made up of all these stolen parts from bad men’, and he started to feel like he was made up of stolen parts from bad men and I think Wolverine feels he is bad inside. Kind of manufactured, like Frankenstein.”

Mangold also discussed the content fans can expect on the Logan Blu-ray release, the studios involvement in the film and how he thinks Wolverine should be handled now that Jackman has retired from the role.

You can watch the entire interview in the video below!

What do yo think of the parallels made between Logan and Johnny Cash or Frankenstein’s monster? Is there merit to the comparison or is it a bit of a stretch? Share your thoughts below!

Logan will be released in theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Bad Taste

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