‘Logan’: X-23 Creator Craig Kyle Pitches Story For Spin-Off Film

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The primary draw for Logan with audiences has been the fact that the film will mark Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as the titular hero after nearly two decades of playing the X-Men character. However, while most entered the screening room to bid farewell to Jackman’s incarnation of Wolverine, many have left praising actress Dafne Keen’s performance as X-23, a new mutant with abilities similar to Logan’s. In fact, several fans have already begun calling for a spin-off film featuring the young mutant. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, character creator Craig Kyle shared his pitch for a potential spin-off film featuring X-23.

Kyle explained that he would love to see a film that explored the ramifications of X-23’s past actions.

We know the kids were created and tested. I’d love to see some of the stories that we told [in the comics], see as much as we can of how she came to be, but then really get into the stories of what she was forced to do an commit. She said she killed people. She said bad people. The bulk of who X-23 and Laura killed in the comic books were bad people, but she did kill some children. She did kill a whole press corps. I think there’s something powerful about watching her go through those horrors without any say and without any ability to not take those actions.

Kyle explained that he would want to tell that story by having X-23 retrace her steps and meet with those impacted by her actions.

A story I always wanted to tell was, once she’s free and once she’s gone through what she’s gone through, the only way she can have a hope for a future is for her to go back and trace the lives that remained and were harmed by the actions she was forced to commit. You put her on this journey of redemption. She faces the families that lost fathers. The orphans, everyone that was touched by her horrific acts. And she can go through them one by one and face everyone affected by the murders she was forced to commit, if she can get to the end of that road without being killed by those that remain, there’s something on the other side of that. I think it would truly be transformative for the character.

The concept certainly seems like the type of character focused drama director James Mangold has stated he prefers and Dafne Keen has expressed interest in reprising her role. What do you think of Craig Kyle’s idea? Share your thoughts below!

Logan is now playing in theaters!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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