Mike Colter Reveals The Premiere Date Of ‘Luke Cage’

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Many fans assumed that Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage series would arrive sometime in November, but it sounds like that’s going to happen a lot sooner than that, as we now have the official premiere date for the series, which will be on September 30th.

Mike Colter broke the news last night at the red carpet premiere of the second season of Daredevil. You can check out the announcement in the video below (Colter shows up at the 2:10 minute mark).

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to the first season of Marvel and Netflix’s 13-part Luke Cage series? Sound-off your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: CBR

Michael Bezanidis

Michael Bezanidis

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  • Vegas82

    I’m glad we don’t have to wait for no reason, but I’m also not surprised they’re sticking to Spring/Fall releases for the time being. If Luke Cage gets a second season I could see them changing that somewhat as they’ll have Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage AND Iron Fist all going on. Which is to say nothing of the possibility of them doing more spin-offs like Punisher or Elektra.

  • Have Hope

    Just signing in for Punisher.