‘Luke Cage’ Will Tackle Problems Beyond Racial Boundaries

Luke Cage

It’s only a matter of time before Luke Cage‘s September 30th release date is here, and we’ll all get to binge out on some more Marvel & Netflix goodness. It’s no secret that the show will embrace the fact that the show is based on a black character in Harlem.

The star, Mike Colter, spoke to Variety at the premiere of the show (which was in Harlem, amusingly) about even though it has been dubbed a “black show,” the stories in it are universal. Basically, it won’t alienate viewers who don’t directly relate to problems linked to race.

“People want to describe it as a black show, but I would say it’s inclusively black, in a sense that yes the characters are black and yes you’re watching a show shot in Harlem, but these inclusively black characters have the same problems you have, and go through the same sort of issues that everyone goes through.”

Mike Colter debuted the fan-favourite character in Jessica Jones displaying that he may be invulnerable psychically, but that’s not accurate emotionally. Though we may not relate to Cage’s experiences in the streets of Harlem, we can all relate to an emotional journey that tests us. We’re sure Luke Cage will deliver.

We won’t have to wait long to find out as Season 1 drops exclusively on Netflix tomorrow, September 30th.

Source: Variety

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