Mackenzie Davis On Her Rumoured ‘Deadpool 2’ Role

Mackenzie Davis

A recent report linked Kyle Chandler and Mackenzie Davis to the sequel to Deadpool. We already know that Cable and Domino are appearing in Tim Miller’s sequel, and a report suggested that The Awkward Moment actress was frontrunner to land the role of X-Force member Domino. Now she’s spoken about those rumours, and the flood of fan art that they’ve inspired.

In a recent interview with GQ, Davis was asked about the story. She seemed to rule out the chances of it happening, but it’s clearly something she’s excited about:

No! It’s very interesting. People keep sending me printouts being like, “This is so cool!” And I’m like, “Right? I also think it’s cool! But it’s not true! I mean. I’d love to keep the ruse going. It’s sort of cool that people think I’m doing Deadpool. But no! I don’t have any news to share. I wish I did!

That denial doesn’t mean much. We’ve seen plenty of actors laugh off casting rumours in the past. Paul Rudd denied he was playing Ant-Man on an almost daily basis for a stretch. Look how that turned out.

The most interesting thing here is that Mackenzie Davis is clearly interested in this role. Given that it’s a sequel to the surprise hit of 2016, that’s understandable. On top of that, she’d be playing a fantastic character who would likely appear in multiple films.

Domino, aka Neena Thurman, is a mercenary much like Wade Wilson. She was also genetically altered to become the perfect weapon. She was given probability manipulating powers, basically allowing her to control luck. The character has had a relationship with Cable in the comics, and was part of X-Force. Leaked concept art for the X-Force film featured Domino, so it could be a long term role for Davis, if she does end up being cast.

Source: GQ

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