Man Steals Beer Wearing Batsuit & Captain America Mask

One of my all-time favorite comic book films is Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass. Beyond just being a hilarious and well, a kick ass take on the superhero genre, the film explored what it would be like if ordinary people willingly put on the tights themselves and went into the real world as superheroes.

Well, in this story, it looks like a New York man decided to do just that. Sort of. The headline just writes itself, doesn’t it? Now here is your daily dose of vitamin WTF: recently in Salamanca, NY, a man was caught on camera unleashing his inner supervillain.

This man was seen in a convenient store wearing a grey Batsuit but instead of the classic cowl on his face, he dons a Captain America mask. I mean, there is a very slim chance that this man was just getting ready for a costume party, but in an interesting turn of events, he steals two packs of Budweiser beer. The man eventually ran off and made his way towards the town’s bridge.

He does that.

At the moment, the man remains at large. Perhaps he didn’t have the money necessary to buy the cases he needed for the party? Who knows. Maybe there’s a comic book writer out there that will start a brand new series out of this. I can already give you a title: None the Weiser. 

Source: Comic Book

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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