Margot Kidder Would Be Willing To Appear On A DCTV Show; Not A Fan Of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane

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Margot Kidder, the woman who played the iconic Lois Lane in Superman: The Movie and subsequent sequels, last worked with DC for a Smallville appearance in 2004. Fast forward 12 years later, Kidder says she would still be willing to appear on the new age of DC TV shows as well. She already has an established professional relationship with producer Greg Berlanti, appearing on Berlanti’s show Brothers and Sisters.

Kidder spoke with the website Hey U Guys, primarily about her experience while on the set of the Superman films. During the interview, she was asked if she would ever consider doing one of the new DC TV shows (most likely Supergirl), to which she replied that she would, and that she is past her acting prime and no longer has a career that she needs to protect. In other words, she can take a role just because it looks like fun without having to worry about it harming her reputation. Check out her full response:

“Yeah, sure. Depending on the script or what they wanted me to do. I am 67, I am an old broad now! So I look back at this with much more amusement than I did. I don’t have a career I need to worry about protecting. My life has nothing to do with movies anymore. I live in a little town in Montana and basically do political activism. So I guess it would be fun to fly-in and do a couple of days work.”

Supergirl seems like the most likely place to have a past Lois Lane appear, but anything is possible at this point. The only possible hitch in Kidder briefly rejoining the DC multiverse comes not from the shows, but from the movie universe. According to Kidder, Amy Adams’ version of Lois Lane does the character a disservice by not giving her anything to do. See the full response below:

“They took one of the best American actresses around, Amy Adams, and didn’t give her anything to do! I mean, how stupid is that? They made her what used to be the girlfriend, which kind of ended in the ’60s with women’s rights.”

While she didn’t blame Amy Adams at all, but actually complimented her in the process, she did say that the movie’s version of the character needs to be a more modern woman and given more to do. Hopefully this alone won’t stop her from making a return to the DC TV universe one day. Fun fact: Margot’s niece, Janet Kidder, played Ruve Adams (Darhk) during Arrow‘s fourth season. It really is a small multiverse, isn’t it?

Do you want to see Margot Kidder in the DC TV universe, and do you agree with her assessment of Amy Adams’ Lois Lane? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Hey U Guys

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