Mark Hamill’s Joker Abducted By Mongul In ‘Justice League Action’ Clips

In this weekend's episode of 'Justice League Action,' Mark Hamill is back to the voice The Joker. Check out some clips from Saturday's new episode.

Mark Hamill Joker Justice League ActionJustice League Action fans have already seen (well, heard) the legendary Mark Hamill voice Swamp Thing. In this weekend’s new episode, Hamill is back to lend his voice yet again as he’s set to reprise one of his more famous roles, The Joker. Saturday’s episode, “Galaxy Jest,” looks like it’ll take viewers to War World when Joker is abducted by Mongul as he’s right in the middle of battling Batman.

Of course, Joker’s abduction doesn’t go unnoticed and the League must decide whether the Joker is worth rescuing from Mongul’s clutches. Even though he’s abducted, The Joker also manages to leave behind a bomb that the League must also contend with. Check out two clips from the episode below.

Wonder Woman and Superman have to rescue Joker from Mongul, whilst Batman and Flash try to stop a massive laughing gas bomb hidden away in Gotham.

The episode was directed by Jake Castorena and written by Duane Capizzi. It also features Kevin Conroy as Batman, Jason J. Lewis as Superman, Rachel Kimsey as Wonder Woman, Charlie Schlatter as The Flash, and John DiMaggio as Mongul.

Justice League Action airs Saturday mornings at 7:30am ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

Source: YouTube

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