Is Mark Millar’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Coming To Television?

Jupiter's Legacy

The talented Lorenzo di Bonaventura is on the road at the moment to advertise the latest movie he’s produced, Deepwater Horizon. This isn’t the only project he’s involved with at the moment though, as he’s been tasked with bringing Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s popular Jupiter’s Legacy comic book to life. In an interview with THR, Bonaventura dropped a hint that it may be coming to the small screen, which is different to what Mark Millar alluded to earlier in the year.

“I have a project with Mark Millar, who wrote [the comic that became] Kingsman: The Secret Service, that is a superhero project: Jupiter’s Legacy. What attracted me to it was it’s not repeating what everybody else has done. It’s not yet set up at a studio. Its universe is so expansive that it’s, in some ways, more conducive to a television treatment. I’m doing it either way.”

So what we’ve learnt so far is that the project is yet to find a studio to call home, but it’s still in development and may just well work better in the format of a television series. Jupiter’s Legacy is a break-out comic by Image Comics, and Vol. 2 of the book is currently ongoing. It focuses on a group of children that are birthed from the greatest superheroes in the world: something that’s not necessarily new to the world of comics, but the unique writing and art style makes it feel very different to anything else out there.

Source: THR

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