Martin Scorsese Throws Another Shot At Marvel Movies

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Martin Scorsese is sticking to his guns when it comes to his opinions on Marvel movies.

Earlier in the month, legendary and iconic director Martin Scorsese stated that Marvel movies aren’t really “movies” and that they’re more akin to theme park rides that you enjoy. Martin Scorsese’s comments brought up a very interesting conversation regarding the ever-changing film industry and how it currently operates. After all, the biggest movies being made and released are Marvel movies, but more so superhero films and reboots/remakes. Without a doubt, this is something that is plaguing the film industry and is diminishing interesting, new movies and ideas that auteurs like Martin Scorsese have always brought to the table.

Now, at the BFI London Film Festival to further promote his upcoming film The Irishman, Martin Scorsese doubled down on his comments regarding Marvel’s invalidity as a form of cinema. In the press conference for the film, he likened the film’s once again to theme park rides.

You can check out his comments below.

This time, he brought up how we’re being invaded by them, raising up The Irishman‘s production. Martin Scorsese could not get The Irishman made by a traditional studio because of its large budget and the fact that it was not a blockbuster film. Therefore, he had to go to Netflix who could foot the bill. Say what you will about Netflix, but they’re one of the few companies out there realizing projects that aren’t mass-market and feature superheroes.

In the end, Marvel movies will be made and so will the films of Martin Scorsese. Sure, we’re getting a lot of Marvel movies, but it’s something to be grateful for considering how hard the genre had to try to get to the amount of relevance and buzz.

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