Marvel Writer Brian Michael Bendis’ First DC Comics Work Unveiled

Details on Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis' first DC work under his long-term exclusive contract with the publisher have been revealed. reports that former Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis’ first DC Comics work under his long-term exclusive contract with the publisher will be a backup story in Action Comics #1000.

Featuring art by DC co-publisher Jim Lee, the issue will also consist of the main feature by writer Dan Jurgens and an additional one from writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Described by the outlet as a “star-studded tribute” to the past eighty years of Superman stories, the issue marks the first time a major U.S. superhero comic has hit 1,000-issues.

The outlet’s sources reportedly did not discuss further details on Bendis’ future with DC after the 80th-anniversary celebration.

DC will also release a hardcover collection titled Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman, which will consist of both new and reprinted material spread over more than 300 pages.

Brian Michael Bendis’ illustrious career includes his work on titles including Daredevil, The Avengers, the Jessica Jones comic titled Alias, and Ultimate Spider-Man, the last of which eventually led to the creation of Miles MoralesNews of Bendis’ exclusive contract with DC was announced last November.

DC reportedly had no comment on the news.

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6 Books Brian Michael Bendis Should Write For DC

Brian Michael Bendis, the architect of the modern Marvel Universe, has finally jumped ship. The man who created Miles Morales and even wrote the post-credits scene in Iron Man has signed an exclusive contract with DC. While no details about the deal have been set, rumors are circling around the internet as to what he will do. It’s likely that Bendis will help his old friend Geoff Johns retool DC Entertainment as they expand their characters into other forms of media. But, at the end of the day, Bendis is a comic book writer and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be announced as the writer on at least one new book coming from the publisher.

Bendis, who has written everything from Jessica Jones to The Avengers and even the Guardians of the Galaxy, is a detail oriented story teller. The buildup to series like House of M and Secret Invasion took years as he deftly weaved in hints that teased audiences about just what he had in mind. Similarly, Scott Snyder, the mastermind behind the current DC event Metal, is a meticulous plotter who weaved clues about his vision throughout years of storytelling. Now that the two are in the same sandbox, there’s no telling what DC can achieve! There are so many characters that Bendis can put his personal touch on once he begins working at DC, but there are a few books that come to mind first.

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