Marvel Confirms MCU Characters To Appear In Sony’s Next ‘Spider-Man’

When Spider-Man swings into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his 2017 Jon Watts-directed solo film, he’ll be bringing some friends from his highly-anticipated debut in next month’s Captain America: Civil War. Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige confirmed to EW today that Spidey will be joined by familiar Marvel heroes.

“He is in the universe now, and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth.”

Because of the complex sharing arrangement between rival companies Marvel and Sony, it was never certain that characters other than Spider-Man would be crossing over or that characters previously associated with Spider-Man could also go over (comic regular Ben Urich was killed on season one of Daredevil because it was presumed Spider-Man was forever off-limits).

The hottest unconfirmed rumor is that Robert Downey, Jr., now likely finished with solo Iron Man films, will possibly emulate his role in Captain America: Civil War and pop up as a mentor on-screen and off for the new Peter Parker, British actor Tom Holland. It could be mutually-beneficial arrangement for Marvel, Sony, and Downey, Jr.; Marvel gets more Iron Man, Sony’s Spider-Man franchise gets a huge shot in the arm and Downey, Jr. reaches newer and younger fans with a less work-intensive supporting role (and make millions). His scheduling is wide open post-Civil War press tour and he’s shown loyalty to Marvel and doesn’t seem tired of the character.

In addition, Vincent D’Onofrio aka Kinpin on Netflix’s Daredevil and good friends with Downey, Jr., tweeted recently he would be love to be a part of the new Spider-Man film.

A more unlikely rumor comes from Joe Russo, co-director of Civil War with his brother Anthony, who joked about who we might see in the future of the MCU.

“Let’s just say . . . Great Lakes Avengers.”

I’m no expert but EW says that includes a character named Big Bertha with the superpower of morbid obesity so I’m really thankful he’s (hopefully) joking.

Big Bertha or no, you can be sure the film, which has had rumored titles of Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man: The New Avenger and Spider-Man: Homecoming, will hit theaters July 7, 2017. But you can catch him first in Captain America: Civil War on May 6.


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