Marvel Games Teases Fantastic Four For Spider-Man PS4

Fantastic Four Marvel Games Spider-Man PS4

Something Fantastic Four related this way comes to Insomniac Games’ critically-acclaimed Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4, that is if the Twitter account for Marvel Games is to be believed.

In a recent tweet, Marvel Games teased the addition of something related to the popular super-foursome:

“And for our final livestream announcement… something “fantastic” is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man! Any guesses?”

You can see the tweet for yourself below:

Many excited fans responded with their own guesses as to what could be in store. One of the more popular responses came from Twitter user @The_Ismazing, who simply posted a picture of the Baxter Building. For those not in the know, the Baxter Building is the home and laboratory of The Fantastic Four. Twitter user @joe_fayant posited that Spider-Man could be getting new, Fantastic Four-themed suits (possibly the webhead’s own Future Foundation outfit from his time replacing the Human Torch as part of the Fantastic Four?).

What do you think about this tease? Do you think Insomniac Games will be adding the iconic Baxter Building? Or are you more convinced that Fantastic Four-themed superhero onesies are a more practical bet? Could we be getting a mix of the two or do you think that this tweet hints at something entirely different? We want to hear from you, so hit us up in the comments below!

The video game has been released worldwide since the beginning of September now, and it seems as if developer Insomniac Games is always adding new suits to the wide-spanning roster that is available for players to choose from. These new suits are typically available to unlock with purchases of the new downloadable content packages. The new “Silver Lining” DLC pack includes the new suit featured in Into the Spider-Verse, another movie tie-in. Fans have also been asking the developers if they would include the “Venom” or “Symbiote” suit in Spider-Man, and, if Insomniac Games still have more surprises up their sleeve like today’s, maybe that request is not too far fetched.

Spider-Man is now available on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Twitter