Netflix Officially Cancels ‘Iron Fist’; No Season 3 For Marvel Series

Iron FistDespite critics and fans responding much more positively to the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist, Netflix has officially canceled the series.

Although the second season saw the introduction of Steel Serpent and Typhoid Mary, and while the season two finale included some set up for another season, teasing characters like Danny Rand’s predecessor Orson Randall, the fury of the fist’s adventures will no longer continue on the streaming service. At least not in his own standalone Netflix series.

You can read the joint-statement from Marvel and Netflix below:

“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

Iron Fist stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Sacha Dhawan, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Simone Missick and Alice Eve. Here’s the official synopsis:

Iron Fist Season 2 features Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as he fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his kung-fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery Iron Fist.

Season 2 furthers the transformation of Danny , a character with a fish out of water coming of age story making his way in a harsh new world, battling to work out who he is. This season, Danny has promised that with Matt Murdock gone, he will step up and protect his city. But a sinister plot twist threatens his very identity and he must conquers his villains to protect the town and people he holds close to his heart.

Both seasons of Marvel’s Iron Fist are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Deadline

Could There Be A Movie Based On Online Bingo?

Idris Elba Jessica ChastainOne of the most anticipated movies of 2017 is Molly’s Game. Starring Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba, the movie centres on poker and the effect it can have. Jessica Chastain plays the role of a young skier named Molly Bloom who becomes a successful entrepreneur after hosting an international poker game with high stakes and participated by politicians, actors and financial titans. She then becomes a target of an FBI investigation, with the movie taking several twists and turns. The film is based on the memoir of Molly Bloom’s Molly’s Game: From Hollywood’s Elite to Wall Street’s Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker.

Movies based on high-stakes poker

Molly’s Game promises to be a hugely exciting and intricate film about high-stakes poker in Hollywood. Like most great movies with depth, it tells a story, a story about how something as fun as poker can have a massive and rippling effect. Poker is a very popular in Hollywood, and Molly’s Game is yet another film in the long line of movies to be created centred on the game.

Among the many, many movies based on poker are Rounders (1998), Maverick (1994), The Grand (2007) and Deal (2008). Molly’s Game could be the best of them all, especially as the cast is brilliant. Jessica Chastain has starred in Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Zero Dark Thirty and The Martian, while Idris Elba is known worldwide for his work in Luther, American Gangster and Thor. Kevin Costner, of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Untouchables, also plays a role in Molly’s Game.

Hollywood stars with poker enthusiasm

The popularity of poker is not limited to on-screen drama; a number of well-known Hollywood A-listers play the game in “real life”. Gabe Kaplan starred in the American sitcom, Welcome Back, Kotter, back in the 1970s, but these days he ie better known for being a professional poker player. The 72-year-old has won over $1 million in poker tournaments. Another well-known Hollywood star involved in professional poker is 41-year-old Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire. Ben Affleck, one of the best actors of his generation, has also participated in high-stakes poker.

Online bingo

With online gaming brands focusing more and more on bingo, and in fact some of them, such as Sun Bingo offering bingo rooms and slot games based on fairytales and reality TV, bingo has been gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, it’s also popular among Hollywood celebrities. Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, of The Mask of Zorro fame, entertains her family with custom-made bingo cards every Christmas, while Gladiator star Russell Crowe worked as a bingo caller in New Zealand in his teens. While Courteney Cox has hosted online bingo games in her home, English television personality Sharon Osbourne has been in TV campaigns for online bingo.

The increasing popularity of online poker has resulted in several movies being made on the game, so it is not foolhardy to think that one day not in the distant future a movie could be made centred on online bingo. After all, with over 300,000 people enjoying the game in the UK alone and spending more than £6.8 billion per year, online bingo is one of the most popular activities among the public. There is a market out there to be explored in terms of a movie based on online bingo.

A movie based on online bingo?

One of the ideas that could be explored is Catherine Zeta-Jones’s story. The 47-year-old’s family won £100,000 in a bingo competition when she was a kid, and that enabled her to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. Of course, for the film to be a success, it cannot be based entirely on her story; the script can take inspiration from her tale and make it into a tragedy.

Another idea could be about 40-something single woman who has played bingo all her life without any success. Suddenly one day she wins the jackpot, and life takes a different turn for her. Melissa McCarthy, who made her name in Gilmore Girls before going on to star in superhit Hollywood movies such as Identity Thief, The Hangover Part III and Spy, would be perfect for the lead role.

There have been bingo scenes in movies already. In Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville tests everyone’s patience during a game of bingo, while in Hotel Transylvania a different and amusing variant of the game is played. The success of such movies suggest that there is room for a film based on bingo to be made. If thought out properly with the right cast, it could be a superb hit movie worldwide.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Well the series does suck so good move I guess

    • Valker Shone

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  • Maxi Iroh

    They also need to cancel Luke Cage S3

    • LordRyuk

      I agree, both shows were painfully boring at times. I would rather see a “heroes for hire” show.

  • mattinacan

    They messed Iron Fist up from day one, no surprises here. Hopefully he can pop in occasionally in Daredevil or the brilliant Luke Cage series.

  • Sire Joe

    It got a season 2? Hm. I guess me missing that wont matter then… thankfully.

  • William James

    …and Jessica Jones as well as Luke Cage. I mean how much longer can you drag that garbage out for?. A real shame they failed to do an authentic ‘Heroes for Hire’.

  • Clarence Bricklyne

    They should just fold this in with Luke Cage (end that series too) and instead do a proper Heroes for Hire.

    Which they should have done from the start or at least after one season of each to introduce the characters.

    Do a Heroes for HIre season, a shortened ‘Defenders’ season (where they bring in the Punisher as well, and step up their villain game), and then keep only the Punisher, ‘Heroes for Hire’ and Daredevil going forward.

    Still on the fence about Jessica Jones, but at the moment it’s just not cutting it.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    Cancel Luke Cage two and in place of those you can make a Moon Knight series and maybe a Blade series.

  • Nathaniel Whitehead

    They’ll probably bring Iron Fist into the Luke Cage show, and call it “Heroes For Hire”. Jessica Jones will probably get another season, then get merged into “HFH”, if it doesn’t do well.