Kevin Feige Provides Update On The Status Of ‘Inhumans’; Debunks Rumors

Inhumans-ComicWith the addition to a number of films to their slate and some changes in release dates over the last year or so, there’s one upcoming Marvel Studios project we haven’t heard much about. Well, unless you’re counting a handful of debunked rumors that is. While speaking with Collider, Kevin Feige commented a bit on the current status of the Inhumans film. While the film isn’t cancelled, you might not want to expect to hit it’s current 2019 release date.

Since we made our initial phase three announcement, we added Spider-Man, which was a big joyous coup for us. We added Ant-Man and the Wasp, which was a big fun continuation of that story for us. Walt Disney Company has announced an Indiana Jones film for right around that same time. So I think it will shuffle off the current date that it’s on right now. How far down it shuffles, I’m not sure yet.

Currently Inhumans are being introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe first on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. When asked if somehow this had anything to do with the change in release date, Feige stated that had nothing to do with the decision it was “just a matter of when” as far as the right time for the film to fit into their slate. Let us know what you think about Feige’s comments in the section below.

Source: Collider

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Carl

    Cool. Take your time and do it when it’s right for the studio. I can’t wait to see The Inhumans.

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  • ken

    Looks like that petty war between him and Ike Perlmutter still going on

    • Carl

      Doesn’t look that way at all.

      • Vegas82

        And now we’ve heard both opinions on the topic.

      • ActionBastard

        Ike is that you? You can tell us if it is.

    • Jax Maxton

      Yep. Between this and the Netflix characters being completely left out of the movies, there’s definitely something going on there.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    Is it too late hope it’s on a indefinite hiatus?

    • Carl


      • Joseph Chaisson

        Warning this is just my opinion: I just don’t find the inhuman interesting.

        • Carl

          That’s fine but have you read any of their comics? Do you know anything about their history or characters?

          • Joseph Chaisson

            I know of the characters, I have not read the comics, because the characters do not interest me. Thats the great thing about comics, you don;t have to read everything out there to be a fan. You can be uninterested in some titles.

          • Carl

            Well check them out or wait for the movie. I hope they win you over like they did for me.

          • Joseph Chaisson

            If Marvel is having free comics of them to down load i will

          • Carl

            I recommend Volume 2. The tone is very serious and the story is great. Volume 1 is very 70’s comic stuff but fun and you learn a lot about The Inhumans.

            cough… cough…


  • breakerbaker

    Until this movie goes into production, everybody is better off assuming it doesn’t get made at all. Putting aside the fact that this interview makes it perfectly clear that Disney is not super enthusiastic to get the movie made, what Feige doesn’t talk about is the fact that it would represent the first time a concept established and developed on television will have been brought over to the movie side. And Feige seems to be suggesting that 2020 or later is a possibility. This means it will be time to make room for GotG 3 and all of the sequels to phase 3 standalones. And at least one more Spider-Man movie. Then, another team-up. And this doesn’t begin to get into the myriad Disney and Pixar releases coming.

    This movie would represent such a major shift in Marvel’s MO. It would introduce a concept to film audiences that television audiences may have grown tired of after 6 or 7 years. And it faces scores of competition from other comic book movies and Disney. Until they’ve attached a director and begun shooting, assume it isn’t getting made. That way, if it does get made and you want it, you’ll be excited. And if it doesn’t, you’ll be ready.

    • Fenix

      It’ll get made, the MCU has yet to ever cancel a movie they’ve announced. We’re very far removed from the “the Wild West” of marvel movies where things stay in limbo or we don’t know what’s being planned.

      • breakerbaker

        Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it will never happen. In fact, the one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that it will happen eventually. This particular movie has seemed to be the obvious choice to cut away at the first opportunity since it
        was first announced, and since they’ve clearly established it as the movie that can be continually pushed back, that conclusion seems all the more reasonable today.

        In the end, very few people are champing at the bit to get an Inhumans movie made, including the people in charge. This doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t make it. It just means that when demand is higher for other things, especially in a Post Phase 3 world (where most of the founding characters will be getting phased out), Inhumans is likely to continue to be the odd man out. And cancelling it wouldn’t be a failure. It would simply be a recognition of the market dynamics and an understanding that they can make better money telling other stories.

        • Steve Steve

          Inhumans is a fringe property that requires a passionate director to shepherd it forward. The right director and Vin Diesel as Black Bolt would be an amazing combination that would produce a massive success.

          Marvel knows that to maintain their universe they have to keep their properties fresh. They will continue to do movies like Inhumans to continue to grow their brand.

          • breakerbaker

            We’ll see. If this was a project they wanted to make in order to grow their brand, I don’t think they would see it as the perfect property to continually push back. I don’t think they would allow it to be introduced on television and then wait 6 or more years to even mention the concept to the movie audience.

            My guess is that the movie is a placeholder for a mutant movie Marvel hopes to negotiate with Fox once Fox realizes they have nowhere left to go in the universe they recreated as a series of period pieces in First Class.

          • Steve Steve

            AoS hasn’t even broached the idea of Attilan or the royal family. That’s a whole different world, with a whole different dynamic from the things they re doing on TV.

            I understand that Mutant fans (which I assume you are) have high hopes for a Sony/Marvel style deal to bring the characters together. The reality is that Fox has decades worth of material to continue their X-universe. Deadpool just proved he is a character on par with the biggest names in marvel. That movie has already launched the X-Force franchise. AoA is shaping up to be the biggest X-men movie yet, and Singer is apparently already preparing another movie. The mutants are staying at Fox.

          • breakerbaker

            Nah, I don’t particularly like the Mutants. The allegory has always seemed too on the nose for effective storytelling that doesn’t always fall back on the same thing again and again and again. I don’t particularly care if Marvel ever retains rights for the movies. I just acknowledge that there may be an opening coming where Fox will consider a connection with Marvel’s universe to be an interesting opportunity. At the moment, even though Deadpool made way more money than expected and Apocalypse will likely be a hit, it’s not clear where they go with the broader group from here. In Apocalypse, Professor X should be nearing 60. The guy who plays him is 36. They’re about to have to recast Logan. That’s not a sustainable formula.The logical conclusion is that a reboot is coming. It’s just a question of when and how. While I don’t care if Marvel ever gets a piece of the Mutants back, I think Marvel does, and I think they will at least try to convince Fox that it’s time to work together on the Mutants and FF.

            We can say that there’s no way Fox would be keen to listen, but who among us really though Sony would go along?

            As for the Inhumans, it’s not a question of whether there are interesting stories to tell. It’s a question of whether there’s any sense of urgency at Marvel to tell those stories. Because when they want to make a movie (e.g., GotG 2), you know it.

          • Steve Steve

            Fox has sustained their X-universe through 16 years and their most recent movie was their most successful. They aren’t going to surrender anything because they don’t have to.

            What sense of urgency was apparent for GOTG? They announced it right before it went into production and caught everyone by surprise. It’s preposterous to compare a new IP to a sequel for successful movie. Gunn had an idea for the sequel, they got a script done and they had their cast ready. There’s no sense of urgency other than to delay GOTG2 would be a waste of time.

            They have to find the right director for Inhumans. If they haven’t done that by fall 2017, we’ll know the movie will be delayed.

          • breakerbaker

            It’s preposterous to compare a new IP to a sequel for successful movie. Gunn had an idea for the sequel, they got a script done and they had their cast ready.

            First, I’m not comparing the movie A to movie B. I’m comparing the sense of urgency the studio has when it comes to making movie A or movie B. When they want to make a movie, they get it made. It is as simple as that. When they aren’t so sure about something, even if they have a director on board, they let it sit in development indefinitely. They were talking about Ant-Man and how great Edgar Wright was for years–right up until the point that they fired him and hired the guy who made the Break-Up to replace him. The only reason that movie got made was because they didn’t want to eat all of the money they spent developing it.

            Right now, Inhumans is just a name on a board. It’s notably the only name on the board that it seems Marvel is ready to push behind the major event they’ve been building to since the beginning of their universe, which is to say that there was no need to have the Inhumans for Infinity War. It is the most likely movie to be pushed the moment the studio orders a sequel to Doctor Strange or Black Panther or any other movie released in the next 2.5 years.

            Fox has sustained their X-universe through 16 years and their most recent movie was their most successful. They aren’t going to surrender anything because they don’t have to.

            I’m not saying that Fox is going to do anything. I’m saying they have every bit as much reason to consider it as Sony did. Sony didn’t have to throw up their hands on Spider-Man. Those movies were still making money. They were not doing as well as the early Raimi movies had done, but they could have gone forward and continued to make money. They just didn’t know what to do with them. Fox finds itself in a different kind of problem financially but a very similar one conceptually. The problem being that outside of the freak success of Deadpool (a movie they didn’t want to make in the first place), they have no idea what to do with their Marvel properties. That they don’t know what they have with the Fantastic Four goes without saying, but let’s focus on the Mutant properties. The continuity of the X-Men movies makes no sense and it’s only getting worse as the series progresses. The lead actor in 90 percent of their X-Men movies is too old to play the character, whereas the lead actors in the rest of the movies are too young to play theirs. They’ve just retconned their entire universe but are still trapped narratively in the 1980s. And then there’s Gambit…sigh. Outside of the money, they have every reason to think about talking to Marvel about a partnership, and the money thing can be worked out if Marvel focuses primarily on the larger properties (i.e., X-Men and the Fantastic Four).

            Obviously, I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But if it did, do you think an Inhumans movie gets made? Inhumans is an idea Marvel will go to when they have no other alternative. They introduced it on television for a reason.

          • Steve Steve

            You took all the time to write this essay and it just repeats the things you’ve already said. You have employed poor logic to draw your conclusions and no amount of repeating your reasoning will make you more correct.

            Inhumans will be made because King Feige said so. He believes they have to launch new franchises in order to sustain the MCU. Sequel films for BP, and CM will take at least two years to develop so they won’t be coming until 2020 at the earliest. A DS sequel could come in 2019 if they have an idea for it, but I doubt it can be big enough to supersede Inhumans.

            Fox has no motivation to do what Sony did. Independent of your feelings, they’re doing great business. The mutants are not coming to the MCU.

          • breakerbaker

            Dude, Kevin Feige said he wanted to do a Black Widow movie. This was before they were announcing their calendar years in advance, but he said they wanted to do it but that Avengers had to come first. It’s safe to say at this point that it’s never going to happen.

            If your entire belief system is that 1. You want an Inhumans movie and 2. Kevin Feige said you were going to get one, you’re not really in a position to question my logic. Indeed, I’m the only one saying that anything is uncertain. And that’s literally all I’m saying. That’s not faulty logic. It’s living in the real world. Nobody’s ever going to tell you they aren’t making a movie they told you they were going to make until they have something to replace it with. They will just push it back and offer empty praise of the movie that doesn’t exist. So with Inhumans, it really is best to assume it’s not coming until they have given you something more.

            As for Fox, how do you think they feel about Fantastic Four, a movie they will have to reboot again in a few years to retain the rights to? And where do you think they go next with the X-Men? The 1990s? When James McAvoy will have to play a man in his 60s? This isn’t about what they made two years ago. Or what they will make this year. That money is made. This is about the movies they make two, four, six years from now. Now, Fox has never been all that concerned with making good Mutant movies, so maybe they cling to the property and think their full cut of a crap Mutant movie is better than their partial cut of a better Mutant movie that can incorporate elements and characters from the MCU and then their partial cut of Marvel movies that use their
            characters…I’m thinking it’s something the Holland Spider-Man will have them wondering. Especially when they have a lot of characters they have no use for but that Marvel would love to use but can’t (e.g., Fantastic Four, Doom, Kang, the Skrulls, Silver Surfer, Galactus).

            Fox has already shown a willingness to let some of the characters they have revert to Marvel, but they now know that Marvel and Disney could be keen for a partnership right around the time where a partnership will feel advantageous for both of them (i.e., when the current X-Men roster is due for a reboot or widespread recasting and when it’s time for them to be putting a new Fantastic Four into development).

            Maybe it doesn’t happen. I’m not saying it will. I’m saying it makes sense for both companies. And will really make sense for both companies this time three or four years from now.

            I’m sorry if that conflicts with your desire for an Inhumans movie. As I said, I couldn’t care less if there was another Mutant movie at all. I’d like to see somebody do a good Fantastic Four, but I’m not convinced that property can be made into a good movie. I suspect Marvel would like to try, and I think it’s only one of several properties they currently don’t own the rights to that they’d rather do than Inhumans.

          • Steve Steve

            You talk a lot. Maybe you should listen/read more… I’m not going to repeat myself.

            My “belief system” has absolutely nothing to do with movies. Never have I claimed that I need an Inhumans film. The concept seems interesting, and I am always game for something different.

            Your perfectly valid, negative opinion towards the X-men film universe is irrelevant in the face of the tremendous success of the series. Whatever your hangups about their stories, people like the films and Fox makes good money on em.

            If you are going to spout off on a subject, you should try to know something about it. X-men and FF are completely separate licencing deals. Marvel can regain all the FF characters (the ones you list) without even mentioning the mutants.

            I hope they do get the FF rights back asap. That franchise is loaded with great characters who would make excellent contributions to the MCU. Then, maybe, you’ll get your FF movie.

    • Carl

      Wow you couldn’t be more wrong about this. Everything they’ve done on TV is completely irrelevant to the core Inhumans story, history and characters. The reason for the coming shift is clearly defined. There is no reason for Marvel to back off on this. Don’t forget that by the time The Inhumans movie comes we’ll have 4 new franchises in the MCU, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Spiderman. With the potential of other unannounced sequels, Marvel is just being smart about how many running franchises they have. Also if you know the story of The Inhumans then you’d understand that they could be slotted in at anytime due to their isolationist society.

    • Cheng “hemahemahema07” He

      “it would represent the first time a concept established and developed on television will have been brought over to the movie side.”

      That’s not true though. The idea of Dark Force is established in Agent Carter Season 2 and has made an appearance in Agents of SHIELD, yet we know it will be a part of Dr Strange, which will be its first appearence in a film.

      The inhumans being dealt with are due to accidental exposure to the Terrigen Mist, but like Kamala Khan. The Attilan royal family is another matter entirely

  • Until there’s substantial proof of concept on this movie I will always default to Inhumans being Marvel’s bluff until they can hustle some deal with Fox for either FF or the X-Men. And we know the X-Men ain’t movin’…

    …but never say never…

    • Carl

      Nope, The Inhumans are coming. They have become a big deal in the comics. There is no reason for Marvel to move off the project.

      Also X-Men is likely never coming back. I could see a deal for Fantastic Four at some point though.

      • Like I said, I’ll remain skeptic until there’s enough proof of concept work: script, treatments, character designs, costumes, landscape, location scouting, director, etc., etc.

        Until then, it’s a bluff in every sense of the word, because they are still not really backing their claim with ACTUAL film work or investment.

        I do agree about the X-Men probably never getting released by Fox. But Hollywood is a strange town and you never know. What I do know is that everyone is up for the impossible if they have the economic bases covered. Lots of things could happen between now and then.

        • Carl

          You can be skeptical but it’s no bluff. They didn’t announce it for no reason. Someone at Marvel Studios wants it and understands its potential.

          I just don’t see how you are jumping to this conclusion. It’s the last movie on their announcement slate which has since added 2 more to the line up. By that fact alone it would have to get pushed back.

          • breakerbaker

            People jump to this conclusion precisely because it’s last on the list and though the list gets longer, its remaining last on the list. Now Feige is talking about pushing the release to some time later than 2019 because of a Disney property that is unrelated to Marvel. Obviously, that makes sense from a business standpoint, but if they now have to pick release dates to ensure that they don’t compete with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pixar, Disney Animation, Sony’s Spider-Man, the quickly expanding DCEU, etc., Inhumans (which may be the first Marvel movie to be pushed back three times on the calendar) feels less like a movie than a “movie.” A placeholder waiting for another sequel to take its place until Fox relinquishes some of the characters they will never adapt again.

          • Carl

            No that’s a ridiculous concept. Of course they want to position it to maximize profits and avoid other major releases by their parent company. You’re jumping to conclusions. They aren’t getting FF back right now and would never be dumb enough to announce a “place holder movie”. I bet this will be a month or 2 date move max.

            After the success of GotG and Antman, Marvel can make whatever they want. They are just being smart about its positioning.

        • breakerbaker

          X-Men won’t be released, but there’s room for a deal to be made with Fox. You have to remember the situation Fox is in right now. This year will probably be a banner year for their comic book properties, even with Gambit inevitably being cancelled or rushed through production. But what’s next? Jackman is on his way out as Wolverine. The X-Men franchise as it currently exists is doing a weird period piece series that is forcing men in their 30s to pretend but not really pretend to be in their late 50s. Unless they stick to the current period, McAvoy will be playing somebody in his late 60s next time around. Garner, the biggest star they have, is going to demand a huge pay raise just to show up and not get Mystique makeup. Singer is walking away (which is a good thing, but is scary for Fox), and they have already cycled through the most iconic X-Men stories to the point that they’re talking about the possibility of doing the Phoenix saga again. In 2020, Marvel will have completed the event movie they have been working toward since the beginning. Most of the founding characters will no longer be under contract. There will be a fair amount of uncertainty about keeping the universe afloat on the backs of Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. Fox will need to have another Fantastic Four in development, and will really need to begin thinking about if/how to move forward with the current roster of Mutants. Meanwhile, they have a bunch of characters they have no use for but that Marvel would love that they could use to strengthen their stake in a wouldbe partnership.

          I think anybody who thinks Feige isn’t at least thinking about whether he could have a Fantastic Four or even an X-Men in production in four years is kidding themselves.