‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Teases Green Goblin Introduction


A small easter egg in Marvel’s Spider-Man seems to hint at the introduction of the Green Goblin.

Marvel’s Spider-Man features almost every fathomable Spider-Man villain — including newer villains such as Mr. Negative — but there is one iconic villain that was missing: the Green Goblin. Although Norman Osborn himself does have a substantial role in the game, his crazy supervillain identity never makes an appearance, and although one of the game’s post-credits scenes is an obvious hint at the introduction of Venom it also lays the foundation for the Green Goblin.

Late in the game, there is a portion where players get to take control of Mary Jane Watson who infiltrates Norman Osborn’s penthouse. It is here that she sees an Oscorp branded helmet that is designed to reveal structural weaknesses. This helmet is set next to its blueprints which are named ASM 14: an obvious reference to Amazing Spider-Man #14, the issue that marks the first appearance of the Green Goblin. Players can even put on the helmet which then loads up a HUD that reveals the prototype’s number which conveniently begins with the letters GG. Furthermore, the top left corner of the HUD also shows the Goblin’s glider, with text labeled “Glider Tech Sync” with a percentage bar loading.

There are other references, such as a medical drone which is eerily similar to the glider, and a couple of grenades — obvious references to the Goblin bombs the villain is known for — so it’s clear that although Insomniac didn’t introduce Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, they have begun to lay the foundation. After all, the post-credits scene that hints at Venom reveals that Harry Osborn has succumbed to a disease and is currently in suspended animation with what appears to be the symbiote. Could this be Norman’s motivation and cause to suit up as the Green Goblin?

What the full gameplay video below. Norman Osborn’s penthouse can be seen on timestamp 11:25:45

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Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed by Insomniac and can be found exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4.