Matt Damon Hints That A ‘Bourne 6’ Movie Could Conclude The Franchise

Matt Damon just talked about uncertain future of the Jason Bourne franchise, noting that he believes that one more movie could cap off the series.

Jason Bourne Matt Damon

Matt Damon expressed a lot of ambivalence toward the possibility of making another Bourne movie in a recent interview, but stated that he’s up to doing one more if it’s a good enough story to put a lid on the entire espionage franchise.

Talking with The Toronto Sun, Matt Damon mentioned that he isn’t sure right now if he’s going to make a fifth Bourne film or if the latest film will serve as an epilogue to the trilogy.

“It would have to be a pretty incredible story to get us all back on the horse… Look, we all love working together, and those movies are a lot of fun to make, so we sure would be happy to do it – if we can figure out a good story.”

During the interview, Matt Damon cited the fact that the his fourth film (Jason Bourne) made less than the third film (The Bourne Ultimatum) as a sign that people may be moving on from the character. That might ring truer domestically than it does on a global scale, as while the movie made $65 million less than its predecessor in the United States and Canada, it only made $27.3 million less worldwide on a marginally larger budget. While domestic dollars count more than money generated overseas, the fact that both movies made upwards of $400 million shows that interest hasn’t disappeared from the franchise, even if the public wasn’t as invested in the sequel. (Jason Bourne also greatly outperformed the spin-off The Bourne Legacy, which did not feature Damon at all and starred Jeremy Renner instead.)

Meanwhile, series producer Frank Marshall is significantly more optimistic about the series going on for at least one more installment.

“I think everybody is leaving the door open, as we did at the end of this movie, in hopes that we can come up with an intriguing story for the next one.”

Hopefully, more information on the state of the franchise should surface over the course of the next few months.

Source: The Toronto Sun