Matt Reeves Has Turned In The First Draft Of His Script For ‘The Batman’

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Don’t worry DC fans, War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves has finally given Warner Bros. the first draft of his long-awaited The Batman script.

Fans have been clamoring for The Batman since Ben Affleck first played the character in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Though the Caped Crusader’s violence was the subject of controversy amongst some fans, Affleck’s performance in the role was widely praised. When it was revealed that Affleck, an Oscar-winning writer/director, would be writing and directing The Batman, it seemed like a perfect match.

Since then, due to some circumstances behind-the-scenes, Affleck’s script has been scrapped and he is no longer directing. Instead, Matt Reeves will be writing and directing the film, and he’s been hard at work on the script for quite a while now. This has made fans antsy but you shouldn’t worry because according to our very own Umberto Gonzalez, Reeves’ first draft of The Batman has finally made its way to the studio.

The Batman is one of several Bat-Family films currently in development. Chris McKay’s Nightwing and the Batgirl movie have been a long time coming but seemingly haven’t been canceled. These three films join Joker and Birds of Prey to make a total of 5 Gotham-centric films in development. So if you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, it seems that you’re in for quite a few treats over the next few years.

Hopefully, by this time next year, fans will have a much more clear look at Reeves’ vision for the highly-anticipated film.

Which foes would you like to see the caped crusader go up against in The Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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