Maya Hawke Comments on ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ Casting Rumors

Will The Bride's story continue?

Kill Bill Maya Hawke Quentin Tarantino

Maya Hawke has commented on the ever-persisting rumors that suggest she’ll be starring in a hypothetical Kill Bill Vol. 3.

Speculation as old as time has said that Quentin Tarantino will make a sequel to Kill Bill duology. Tarantino himself has suggested numerous times that he would revisit the Bride down the line, but nothing has ever manifested in the fifteen years since Kill Bill Vol. 2 was released. Last month, the director once again revisited the idea of returning to the franchise, making it his tenth and final film.

While it’s uncertain if Quentin Tarantino will actually make a third Kill Bill down the line, audiences have speculated for years who would play The Bride’s daughter now that she’s all grown up. It’s a no-brainer that Uma Thurman’s real-life daughter and fellow actor Maya Hawke would be a shoo-in for the Bride’s daughter.

In an interview with The Guardian, Maya Hawke commented on the Kill Bill rumors, which have flared up since Tarantino’s recent comments.

“There are always rumors about that. Quentin is on his own darn schedule. He’ll do what he wants when he damn well wants. But I’ve known him my whole life and if he ever wanted to work with me again, of course, I would love to.”

Maya Hawke made a brief but memorable cameo in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as “Flower Child”, a former member of the Manson family. Even if starring in Kill Bill Vol. 3 doesn’t work out for Hawke, it’s not like she needs it. Hawke is most well known for appearing in Stranger Things 3 as Robin Buckley, a friend, and co-worker of Steve Harrington’s. A fan favorite from the season, Hawke is expected to have an expanded role in the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix phenomenon.

Source: The Guardian